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I’m working on it … November 10, 2009

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This is a drawing of Ruedi Baur, who spoke at a seminar I attended the first weekend of Drawmo:

Next I did a quick thumbnail sketch of myself that I vectorized in Illustrator – mainly for my blog, but because I’m such a lazy Drawmonaut it will have to do as drawing #2:

Third drawing was made while making supper.

And the last of this batch was a selfportrait I drew – also while cooking.

-So now I’m only, what, 7? 8? drawings behind? Better go sharpen those pencils I guess. :)


Cat as French curve November 3, 2009

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Day 2: Ampersand

Aaaand this is my other cat, Ampersand. Just to be fair.

Cats (and bunnies, and guinea pigs, and lots of adorably rotund little furry things) have these wonderful curves that make me just want to squoooosh them. But today, instead, I drew them.

And then I squooshed him.


Game 5

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Game 5

When I watch TV I like to do something other than stare at the screen, usually I’ll knit, but tonight, a little sketching. Didn’t think about too much, just did it and am surprised that it turned out as well as it did.


The Wilderness Must Be Explored!

For Day 1 of DrawMo I managed a little cartoon sketch of an amazingly funny guy I’m a fan of named Jon Stewart. For Day 2 I drew another Jon—but this one has amazing taste in Halloween costumes.

I found today’s Jon via Lee Unkrich’s (@leeunkrich: Pixar director) twitter feed when he started linking to Pixar-inspired Halloween costumes. They were all really cute, but Jon’s was my favorite. His folks did a great job with the costume [check out the all their Up costume photos at their blog: Chez PLJ! And marvel at all of Jon’s other great costumes too!] and he really wears it well.

I’m going to try to finish this sketch tomorrow as well as start an all new sketch for Day 3; I had a lot of fun working on Jon’s smile tonight.

A Wilderness Explorer is a friend to all.

Jon as Russell, Wilderness Explorer from Pixar's "Up"

You can follow Jon’s parents on Twitter at: @doodletronicsp (Peter) & @doodletronicsl (Laura)


Spook would prefer not to be sketched November 2, 2009

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Spook would prefer not to be sketched
, originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.

Cat #2. I kept looking at him, to see how to draw him, and this made him uncomfortable so he moved to a new position looking away. The Catch-22 of drawing cats.


It rained an awful lot today.

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Oh 2

I spent a lot of it buying more insulation materials for my hut. All the while, it rained and rained. I think I might spend the month making drawings on the theme of ‘Oh’.


Late start, but at least a start! November 3, 2008

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Made two drawings on my way to work today. A good excuse to stop for a nice cup of coffee. Must buy a new sketchbook later today, as the old one only has one page left. As it happens I love to buy art supplies, so I’m not complaining.


Pablo’s Pepper November 2, 2008

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Hello all, my name is Pablo Defendini and I’m happy to have joined DrawMo! this year. I’m the producer for Tor.com, I’m a graphic designer (late of Tor Books—funny how these things work out), and I’m a printmaker (although I’m currently between studios—cyberspace is keeping me plenty busy these days). Anyway, enough about me. Happy to be here.

This is a Moleskine sketch of Pepper, the protagonist of many of Tobias S. Buckell‘s short stories and novels. I love Buckell’s work. Having been raised in the Caribbean like I was, he brings an island sensibility to his science fiction, which I eat up with a spoon. Oh, and the man writes a mean space opera.



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This is the microprocessor I’ve been using for schoolwork. It’s an Arduino NG, which is the wrong model—I’m supposed to have a Diecimila, but this is what the campus store sold me. Sigh. They’re almost identical, except that this model needs to be reset every time you look at it sideways.

You can do cool stuff with these, if you learn how.

I have not learned how.


Balding guy washing his RV

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Pastel chalk on watercolor paper, 9×12.