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Jacqui 1/17/08 – My niece January 18, 2008

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Drawn from a photograph

Another great-nephew December 12, 2007

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My friends Sheila and Alek like this one:



Is it really the last day? November 30, 2007

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Thanks to India for inviting me to take part. Thanks to all of you for presenting such great work.

This is the youngest member of my family (at the moment), my niece’s younger son:



She wants to be an artist November 29, 2007

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Another attempt at drawing Rosa while she was drawing her mom. “Please, please, pleeeeease can we draw with your markers?” Rosa asked today. She only loves me for my Stabilo mini-pens.


Moving targets November 28, 2007

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Rachel checking e-mail

The above was my second attempt to draw my lovely friend Rachel, whom I’m visiting in Ireland this week. The first time, I had just outlined her hair when she got up to go do something. So I switched to drawing her daughter, Rosa, who also got up and moved as soon as I’d sketched as far as her eyebrows. Then Rachel sat back down, but with her head in a different position. So I finished that drawing, but it wasn’t very flattering or accurate. Later, when she opened her laptop to check e-mail, however, she did sit still long enough for me to get a decent sketch.

Below is the drawing of Rosa that I started while she was watching TV from a chair near the window. Then she got up and moved to a pillow on the floor, so I went back to my previous project of drawing her mom. Later, however, Rosa sat at the table with me and started drawing Rachel, too. So I finished my drawing of Rachel and resumed my drawing of Rosa, although she was sitting right next to me and in a totally different position.


All these people, moving all the time!


Nov. 23 November 23, 2007

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Just after we ate Thanksgiving dinner the power went out which happens more than we’d like around here. We have a battery that runs a few lights and we eventually all wound up in the kitchen reading—for hours. My granddaughter was looking at a big “Calvin and Hobbes” book and falling into wonderful poses. This is the only one she stayed in long enough for me to get a quick sketch. I think children’s gestures are wonderful but they change so quickly.



Nov. 22 November 22, 2007

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I have a 16-lb. turkey and all the trimmings to do so I got my granddaughter Emma and my grandson Mason to collaborate for today’s drawing. Emma says the turkey didn’t have enough detail so she added “rainbow slippers” for its feet and a Pilgrim hat. Mason has just started studying Chinese at his public (!) middle school so I asked him to add a few characters to give the whole thing a classy touch. It says “Hello China”—something he knows how to write. I added the sun, hills and trees. Happy Thanksgiving!



mom and the round headed baby November 16, 2007

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I forgot my good charcoal pencils today, so I had to draw with a mere regular pencil. Erg. Anyways, I did this at the laundrymat. The baby was awfully wiggly and also I absolutely cannot draw hands. Oh well. That’s today’s drawing. meh.


#9 November 9, 2007

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big fat Staedtler Lumocolor marker in sketchbook. I wasn’t happy with how the drawing (of the seedpod again) was going, so I extemporised w seeds and a leaf then decided to play with backgrounds. Not a patch on Mandy’s great patterns; I’m just not naturally inclined to those neat straight lines, so I said buggerit & went off on random wobbly-patterned tangents. Looks rather a lot like the sort of doodles I used to do before I filled in spare moments with blogsurfing.

my 4.5 yo daughter’s decided to join the fun, btw. Cracks me up how serious she is about it, I should set up the video to capture the narration of every stroke. Here’s yesterday’s:



Madonna and child November 8, 2007

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Madonna and child