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Sucker November 28, 2007

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This is my first Drawmo post which was not created on my Wacom tablet. I did this with oil pastel crayons and pencil on a canvas board (including a lot of smearing of crayon with my fingers.) My nephew was 15 in this photo, with a sucker in his mouth.



Day 15 – Architheque November 15, 2007

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Following CassCan’s suggestion that I use my cheap crayons to do batik-style watercolors.  What good advice!


Day 11 (and 8 thru 10)- Architheque November 11, 2007

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Time to play catchup.


Trying to make use of everything in my drawing box at least once. Unfortunately, there’s a carton of 4 cheap crayons in my kit (the result of my inability to throw things away). Red, yellow, blue, and green. What to do with them? Well…draw like a child, I guess.

Previous days’ sketches behind the cut, so as not to be a visual hog.  When seen altogether, it’s clear I’m a mixed bag when it comes to style.