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Blanket February 7, 2008

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Part of a baby blanket I’m making for my brother’s forthcoming boy.

I started knitting this on Tuesday and then remembered that "Blanket" is the current theme for Illustration Friday, and I thought, "Hey! I should draw it!" Originally I imagined doing a super-macro drawing of just a couple of stitches, but I started too small, and grew crosseyed and bored very quickly, so I gave up and went for evocative abstraction.


Nov. 15 November 15, 2007

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I subscribe to an art instruction newsletter www.artacademy.com.  This week’s tutorial was about drawing drapery–“pipe” folds this time.  So I pinned a cloth to the wall and spent way too much time trying to figure it out.  (You can get lost in all the #$%!!# folds!) So here’s the result, looking pretty much like Art 101.



Thirteenth November 13, 2007

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Black pen and bucketfill drawing of shirt pattern pieces ready to cut out.


dishtowel November 12, 2007

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I couldn’t decide to draw today or build an Ark. The weather was, and still is, wet and windy.  Obviously, I decided to stay dry. (prismacolor and 4b pencil)


#10 November 10, 2007

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2007-11-10 I’m working on corset/3D quilt design ideas based on folk tales.


kid sock

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kid sock

Drawing of a sock I knitted. (primarily pencil and prismacolor)


Eric: Day 4: Potholder November 4, 2007

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Japanese pouch November 12, 2006

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My friend Melissa brought this from Japan for me. It’s made from a single large square scarf:


I’ve been keeping my camera in it lately, since I don’t have a real camera bag that’s big enough. (I recently upgraded to a camera with a zoom lens.)


Caught up! November 8, 2006

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  1. Viewfinder for feeling sad about Adrienne Shelly.
    Viewfinder for Feeling Sad about Adrienne Shelly
  2. Pushduck on Tibet bag.
    PushDuck on Tibet Bag
  3. Quasi Quilt (not entirely an Op Art conceit; 2-D representation of a quilt top I originally designed on graph paper, then sewed and hung up over my study window a few years ago).
  4. Sharpener. I was feeling pretty happy about this until my crosshatched shadow turned into a spiderweb.

Um, can anybody help me rotate the last two images? [Done. —IA]