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Joining Drawmo Terribly Late November 16, 2007

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I’ve been lurking in the background of Drawmo, sending drawings to the Flickr group as I post drawings for Nablopomo.   And I’ve been giving the drawings away as postcard art.

Here’s the latest free postcard art– our leftover coconut cake is lucky number thirteen. Enter by commenting on the post in my blog and emailing a delivery address, just like it says here.



dishtowel November 12, 2007

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I couldn’t decide to draw today or build an Ark. The weather was, and still is, wet and windy.  Obviously, I decided to stay dry. (prismacolor and 4b pencil)


Days 6-10

Still behind, but less so. Lessons of the weekend’s drawing: curves are hard to draw well, and objects with both curves and straight lines are really hard to draw well.

Day 6
Generic Battery

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10
Kitchen Sink


Eric: Day 4: Potholder November 4, 2007

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Ceci n’est pas un oignon February 19, 2007

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drawing of a plastic onion

This bizarre object was a gift from my mother. She bought two—one red “onion” and one yellow one—and kept the yellow one for herself. It’s to store your cut onion while keeping it from stinking up the whole fridge.

I have kept this absurd item only so I could draw it for DrawMo! Now I can get rid of it.


Coffee maker and Jiffy Lube guy January 22, 2007

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coffee maker and jiffy lube guy; click for larger version

12/15/06: OK, I’m overdue with my kitchen gadget, and this isn’t really in a kitchen but rather in a Jiffy Lube waiting area, but here it is anyway. It’s a sort of El Greco rendering of a coffee maker, as the real-world version isn’t this elongated. As a bonus because it’s on the same page in my sketchbook, a quick sketch of one of the guys working on my car.


Muffin cups + bundt pan January 14, 2007

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Muffin Bundt

I haven’t yet put away all the gear I dragged out for holiday baking. But I did find my sketchbooks!


Mezzaluna … and bag January 12, 2007

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It took some time to get the sketching going again. But I have an excuse. Or sort of. I have been busy making the ultimate sketchbook-bag. (It didn’t actually take one month to make, more like a couple of hours, but that’s my best excuse …) India, who by now is fluent in Norwegian, saw a post on my Norwegian blog, and asked me to cross post it. Mostly because of my cool sewing machine I think. ;-) The bag has a perfect size for my sketchbook, it has separate rooms for: Pencils, pen, iPod and one with a zipper for my wallet and cellphone. And I think it turned out really nice.


And last night – finally – I did my kitchen-thing-sketch:



Potato masher January 11, 2007

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Potato masher

Originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.

I seem to do most drawing after midnight. This is not a preference — it’s just the time when I’m trying to fit in things that are too important to wait another day.

I had planned on sketching a terrific set of salt and pepper shakers my mom gave me at Christmas. She’s cleaning out her kitchen and other spaces because she’s having the kitchen redone, and she found this old classic set from the late 60s, when we lived in eastern Pennsylvania. I recognized them right away when I saw them. They are white with a blue and black design, and each is in an hourglass shape. Stylish. Most interestingly, the salt and the pepper have the same pattern of holes at the top.

But when I was ready to choose an item to draw, I found I didn’t want to sketch hourglass shapes. And also, I drew salt and pepper shakers in November.

So instead, I chose a potato masher for its squiggliness, and because I love the mashed potatoes and guacamole I make with it.

I wanted to draw something cartoony but from the start I was caught up in getting the shape and proportions somewhere near reality. But then at the end I found myself going over the lines heavily after all. And then I started to draw the shadow and I noticed that the shadow looked different from the masher — no squiggles, just simple corners, plus a little pinkie shooting out to the left. This was the best part.


Teapot December 22, 2006

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Here’s my first kitchen item/houseware/appliance drawing for December:


Susan sent me this teapot for Christmas. Thanks, Susan!