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Day 2: Salt cellar and cellphone November 3, 2006

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I was drawing at a restaurant when my food arrived, so I didn’t have time to finish. Started anew when I arrived home.

Salt and cellphone, 2 Nov 2006

Different pencil today — this one was a little easier to manage. Not so smeary. Also learned how to use this weird stretchy eraser.


First drawing since 6th grade! Um. . .yay?

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OK, yesterday I broke down and did it. And you know what? It was actually FUN. YES, you evil DrawMoNauts, you’ve converted me to your dark side!! I didn’t have a way to get it to y’all, being too embarrassed to ask the graphics folks to scan it for me, but I remembered today there’s a camera in my cell phone. So I apologize for the quality.

Drawing 1

Of course, I didn’t have anything nice to draw on or with. Those of you in the newspaper biz will recognize the paper as what we call a “page dummy.” (“What did you call me??”) The phone, sadly, is the one on my desk. Yes, our paper has yet to make it into the 21st century of telecommunications. Note the sticker that had an old extension on it, that was crossed out with the new one.

My pencil? Partially sharpened “Sparco Saver No. 2 Medium Soft.” Eraser? The pink kind, on the other end. Worked fine though. Shading? Um. . .what’s that? That’s a lesson for another day. ;-)


Teatime November 1, 2006

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And, finally, here is my extremely accomplished Day 1 drawing:


All day I was glancing sidelong around my office, trying to determine whether there was anything that would be interesting to draw but not too demanding. Because I am nothing if not lazy. Well, come four o’clock, the tea rig was right there, you know? And it looked pretty straightforward . . .

But then, as soon as I started drawing it, I realized: white, shiny, twelvety gajillion shades of gray, . . . I knew I should have started with Carol Rosinski’s smoothie and graduation exercises. I knew I should have printed the value scale that she posted today, as if she were reading my mind. Carol, if you’re reading this—Stop being psychic! You’re creeping me out!

But it’s true what they say about that once-you-get-started-it’s-not-that-bad thing. I mean, I was gritting my teeth through the whole drawing, but after a certain point I was like, “Oh, what the hell, I might as well draw the telephone behind it, too . . .” And now with that lousy telephone there, the tea things look almost intentional, right? And turning the pad diagonally (which was the only way it would fit on my cluttered desk) was a brilliant stroke, too, right? Because with your head tilted as it is right now, you can’t even tell how cockeyed the mug is.

Clearly, I am an artistic genius.