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I’m working on it … November 10, 2009

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This is a drawing of Ruedi Baur, who spoke at a seminar I attended the first weekend of Drawmo:

Next I did a quick thumbnail sketch of myself that I vectorized in Illustrator – mainly for my blog, but because I’m such a lazy Drawmonaut it will have to do as drawing #2:

Third drawing was made while making supper.

And the last of this batch was a selfportrait I drew – also while cooking.

-So now I’m only, what, 7? 8? drawings behind? Better go sharpen those pencils I guess. :)


Statue November 7, 2009

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Statue, originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.

I’m a few days behind on DrawMo! (and on everything else in my world). but isn’t that why we have weekends?


pushing up daisies November 4, 2009

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pushing up daisies

Worked out a sketch for a textile piece I wanted to do today using the Devanagari numerals that represent my birth date. While trying to figure out how to use them, I got the notion that although I’m getting older “I’m not pushing up daisies yet.”



DrawMyCatsMo continues

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Day 3: Lap cat

Interrobang gets a warm lap, I get my drawing done. Everything works out very neatly.


Alcohol-soaked celebration November 3, 2009

We’re all obsessed and totally in love with the Boston Globe’s Big Picture photoblog (“News stories in photographs”), yes? Good.

Day 3’s subject comes from BP’s Days of the Dead post, specifically #16. When you look at #16, you’ll understand why I had to draw it, but it was only when I went to post my sketch attempt that I read the caption and realized why dude looked that way:

After an alcohol-soaked celebration lasting three days, villagers race horses to commemorate the Catholic feast of All Saints, for which the town is named.

I kind of want to convert to Catholicism after reading that, even though I can’t drink for shit. Don’t you feel better knowing someone on Earth was that psyched to be alive two days ago? I do.

Lust for life!

Saint Seize the Day

Three things that didn’t work out:

  • I had fun with the hair but wasn’t looking hard enough and ended up making it cartoon-y instead of drawing the actually pretty obvious (once I tilted my monitor up, doh!) structure of The Awesome Mohawk.
  • I usually love drawing ears—and this guy had a great one—but I pretty obviously phoned this one in. Too excited about the damn hair.
  • Hat in no way looks like a hat.

Three things that did:

  • I used something other than a mechanical pencil and the drawing came out much less timorous as a result. In fact, maybe too much in the other direction (All glory to Prismacolor Black: you are so thick and smooth and black and NON-ERASABLE OH SNAP). Remembered how to get comfortable switching between different pencil hardnesses (5H, H, 2B and 5B for like 2 seconds, plus aforementioned Prismacolor Black).
  • Placement on page is decent, only a little tight on top.
  • I like how the little patterns on the jacket came out, mostly. They were fun to do, and come across as pattern-y even without doing every single shape. Yay.

Also, I will probably be dead before I know how to even try to draw fleece/sheepskin and make it look like it actually does in real life, or with even just a hint of being soft. Ugh.

I’m not sure if I’ll be in the mood to try a second attempt at the same subject tomorrow, but the possibility is there. In the back of my mind a voice says, “I could get up early and finish my sketch in the morning!” but recent history has proven that voice a dirty, dirty liar. And yet I want to go to the John Hodgman reading tomorrow with a clean conscience… A conundrum! One for Day 4 (which starts in 30 minutes. Damn you Twitter and elections).

*Sorry about the “three things that didn’t work, three that did” part. I was having art school critique flashbacks while drawing tonight.


I use a red pen.

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As Is–No Warranty

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