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trumpet November 19, 2007

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Multimedia message

I’m heading up to Seattle in a couple of days and have been a little stressed about keeping up with NaBloPoMo and DrawMo! I have this cellphone that does all this whiz-bang stuff that I’ve only used for making and receiving calls. Since my daughter left for college, I’ve been learning text messaging. It’s not difficult, I can form sentences and type, but the learning-curve challenge (of seeing the keys and trusting that the text I’m typing will generate the words I want)  has been a tad frustrating.  Today I spent some time to learn how to send text messages with photos to both my Blogger and Flickr accounts.  This picture, taken with the cell phone in normal light,  turned out better than I thought it would.


Fifteenth November 15, 2007

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After I went to the dentist and then took the dog for a walk this afternoon there wasn’t much time left for drawing, so this is a quick and pretty bodgy drawing of Trev’s guitar, in coloured pencil and black pen, with a bit of bucketfill.


My first two (since I didn’t get one posted yesterday) November 2, 2007

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I like to draw faces.


And corners of rooms.



Eric: Day 1: Accordion

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Hello, DrawMonauts!

So this year, I’m taking the DrawMo! plunge. To introduce myself: my name is Eric Skillman, and I’m a graphic designer—I do DVD and book cover design primarily, but I’ve also been trying to branch out a bit lately. I blog about my design process at a blog I’ve called “Cozy Lummox.”

Anyway, here’s my Day 1 drawing. (Which I really did do yesterday, I promise!) It’s been so long since I’ve drawn regularly that either (a) my drawing skills have entirely atrophied, or (b) enough time has passed that the haze of memory has allowed me to convince myself that I used to be able to draw better than this… posterity will be the judge, I suppose…