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The young gentlemen November 16, 2009

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taking a break from their crime spree:

Day 11: Ampersketch
Ampersand from across the room

Day 12: Mr. Dignity
Interro shamelessly offering his belly up for rubbing

Day 13: Three-armed cat
Ampersand moved around while I sketched, resulting in a third arm


I can’t believe I’m still drawing the cats November 10, 2009

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In my defense, they do keep sitting in my line of sight.




To the tune of “Journey to the Heavyside Layer” November 9, 2009

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I never saw the musical Cats, and I don’t think my ex-boyfriend A. did, either, but whenever he wished to evoke the show (which—I can’t explain why one might do this, but, trust me, it came up more than once), he would sing, to the tune of what I have subsequently determined is the song “Journey to the Heavyside Layer” from the show, the following lyrics:

Cats, cats, cats, ca-a-ats,
Cats, cats, cats, ca-a-ats,
Ca-ats, cats cats,
Cats cats cats cats!

So, if you know the tune, you should sing it along while reviewing these sketches.


DrawMyCatsMo continues November 4, 2009

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Day 3: Lap cat

Interrobang gets a warm lap, I get my drawing done. Everything works out very neatly.


Cat as French curve November 3, 2009

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Day 2: Ampersand

Aaaand this is my other cat, Ampersand. Just to be fair.

Cats (and bunnies, and guinea pigs, and lots of adorably rotund little furry things) have these wonderful curves that make me just want to squoooosh them. But today, instead, I drew them.

And then I squooshed him.


Spook would prefer not to be sketched November 2, 2009

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Spook would prefer not to be sketched
, originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.

Cat #2. I kept looking at him, to see how to draw him, and this made him uncomfortable so he moved to a new position looking away. The Catch-22 of drawing cats.


Interrobang is skeptical about this DrawMo! thing. November 1, 2009

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Day 1: Interrobang

I promise I won’t draw the cats every day this month—for one thing, it doesn’t look like they’ll stand for it—but you may see them quite a lot. What can I say? They’re captive models.


Drawing 14: Studies of Spook November 19, 2007

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Studies of Spook, originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.

My other cat. Handsome, isn’t he?

As usual, wouldn’t sit still for a portrait. The small head was what I started with, then he settled into a profile position and I got to draw that view. Finally I started calling him over, so I could capture the look of his eyes.

Need a way to draw a lighter, almost sea green for the eyes.


Drawing 5: Samantha in repose November 7, 2007

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Originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.

I wrote about this drawing on my main blog, My Brilliant Mistakes, so here I’ll only add that I think this makes a nice counterpoint to the drawing of Sammy that I made for DrawMo last year.