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Nov 23 November 23, 2007

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A companion for my “iPods on the bedspread” drawing. These are my summer “pajamas”–a pair of soccer shorts:

Summer pjs

Maybe the yogi needs to borrow my summer pjs:



Not dribbling yet November 3, 2007

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Free throw shot


Waaaay Behind November 21, 2006

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Here are my drawings for days 10, 11, and 12.

Day 10 – ski pole
I’m very excited to follow the World Cup nordic skiing season, so I tried to draw one of the wispy ski poles the racers use.
ski pole

Day 11 – eaves
The view from our upstairs window, with snow melting on the eaves. I drew this on a 3×5 card, which turned out to be a more difficult medium than I expected.


Day 12 – light switch

I really enjoyed trying out some of the techniques mentioned last week to get the perspective right. I think this turned out okay. Now I need to work on having the attention to draw the stuff *around* the main subject.
light switch