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on to december December 1, 2009

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on to december

The month of November flew by and I’m happy I picked up the sketchbook. I wonder if thirty days has made it a habit?


girl November 29, 2009

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Not a bird, just a girl. One day left.



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I’ve got to stop drawing birds. The turkey reminded me of family and the quail reminded me of California. And together they both reminded me of the “pet” magpie that my great grandfather had in a outdoor cage in Atascadero. When you walked along side the cage the bird would come close and whisper “I’ll get you.” It took me a few months to figure out that my great grandmother hated that bird and would periodically tell it so (in so many words, that is.)


turkey November 28, 2009

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The day after the turkey day. Face and cityscape.


quail November 26, 2009

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Took a few minutes to go into the studio to draw leaving the hubbub of football and kitchen chaos behind. Had told my daughter I was going to go draw a turkey. When she came to visit a few minutes later, she asked “That’s not a turkey, is it?”



blues new shoe

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blues new shoe

Some Arabic words/phrases and one shoe. Hard to believe that there are only five drawing days left.


ge’ez chicken November 24, 2009

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ge'ez chicken

This is the rut I’m in at the moment… working with some Ge’ez script. Disappointed that I wasn’t “drawing” anything, so I tossed a chicken (ዶሮ ) into the mix. Cluck.