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Fluevog February 3, 2008

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Green Fluevog

I work a block away from a Fluevog store, and I’ve been eyeing these pumps for months. Every time there’s a sale, I go in to check the price. This style never goes on sale. So today I finally bit the bullet, tried them on, and bought them.

The polka dots belong to a Douglas Coupland coffee table that’s at the office where I do some of my freelance work. The white on the left is my sketchbook, open on my knee.

I used a mix of pen and colored pencil, because I needed brown. My mini-pen set doesn’t contain any browns, as I’ve complained many times, but the pencil set at the office had two.


Day 8. Another shoe, bored of shoes yet? I almost am but not quite. December 9, 2007

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It’s a shoefly.


Samantha Hahn, day 6 December 6, 2007

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drawing a day, day 6: men's autumn shoe

This is a line drawing with pen that I colored digitally. I also scanned a ginkgo leaf and repeated it as a ground. Have a great weekend. I’ll post day 7-9 on Monday.


Day 5 by Samantha Hahn December 5, 2007

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shoefly box color

oh and a little plug, I just posted my gift guide on Maquette: http://www.samanthahahn.com/blog/2007/12/05/maquette-gift-guide/


Day 1 and 2 by Samantha Hahn December 3, 2007

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shoe illustrations

I’m posting this one on my blog maquette on Tuesday also.


penguin in sneakers November 27, 2007

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I love Edward Gorey’s work, so I thought I’d draw something in his style, namely a penguin in sneakers. It’s done in pen and ink.


Jacqui 11/16 – Shoes November 19, 2007

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I was going to take a picture of these but decided to draw one so I could do my Drawmo! for the day, too. shoes