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I’m working on it … November 10, 2009

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This is a drawing of Ruedi Baur, who spoke at a seminar I attended the first weekend of Drawmo:

Next I did a quick thumbnail sketch of myself that I vectorized in Illustrator – mainly for my blog, but because I’m such a lazy Drawmonaut it will have to do as drawing #2:

Third drawing was made while making supper.

And the last of this batch was a selfportrait I drew – also while cooking.

-So now I’m only, what, 7? 8? drawings behind? Better go sharpen those pencils I guess. :)


Strange Fauna November 2, 2009

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Hi, I’m Mary. And I’m gonna make a drawing a day with y’all. I work really hard at a 10-6 job (that’s Soho equivalent for 9-5) and I am trying desperately to not go insane while completing my own large scale project in off hours. I hope that daily drawing will be a centering practice for my pretty hectic and overwhelming schedule. You may not see me temporarily- that will mean that i’m either tearing my hair out, or digging myself a hole to crawl in and hide. Nice to meet you.


To draw or not… November 1, 2009

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I wasted precious minutes today wrestling with whether or not I was going to go ahead and make the commitment to a month’s worth of drawing everyday. I finally decided to just pick up and dust off the sketchbook I haven’t touched since the end of March.


Interrobang is skeptical about this DrawMo! thing.

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Day 1: Interrobang

I promise I won’t draw the cats every day this month—for one thing, it doesn’t look like they’ll stand for it—but you may see them quite a lot. What can I say? They’re captive models.


You bought a spoon to a spork fight

I hope everyone had a good Day 1 of DrawMo (though really, isn’t ever day another chance for a new start at drawing more? Let’s say yes.). I did something light and fun to start with and combined two of my favorite things: fake news and Kate Beaton’s comic Hark, a Vagrant! Ms. Beaton posted some pages from her sketchbook a while back, which inspired me to fire up the Daily Show/Colbert Report’s InDecision 2008 episode [spoiler: Obama won!] and try to sketch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert in Kate Beaton’s style. Below, a funny sketch of Jon looking panicked and three less-successful attempts at John Oliver (as a Kewpie?), the cockatoo, Colbert with a chin tumor and Stewart as a creepy uncle. If nothing else, it was a fun attempt at something different, which is very much in the spirit of DrawMo.


Here comes a drawmonaut!

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Hello, I am Lucy. I’ve been drawing for kind of a while, occasionally trying to collect them all in one place, but so far it hasn’t really worked out. I draw squiggles on the hoof. I spent a week in Berlin in January 2007, arriving in time for the hurricane. I did not find people terribly friendly and so I bought a notebook and some crayons and kept a colourful notebook for the week. This is the first page (after the title page, which is ‘Berlin in the colours of frustration and hope’). It is, I believe, a self portrait. I am happy to be a drawmonaut and think the condition deserves to have its own t-shirt. In other news, I am making a record and it rocks. Until we are finished though, you will have to slake your Lucysong thirst here.

Berlin notebook page 1


Back Bay Brewing cap

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Back Bay Brewing cap, originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.

Another year of DrawMo! Hoorah, hooray!

This year, my theme will be to use the Brushes app on my iPhone for all drawings. I always have my phone with me, so I will never have an excuse for not drawing.

I have also been madly impressed by the Brushes illustrations that have appeared on the cover of the New Yorker. I don’t expect to be making anything of nearly that quality or beauty, but I think it will be a good experience.

This is a sketch of my favorite cap, which I acquired at the Back Bay Brewing Company in 1997. The bar is unfortunately now defunct; it was my neighborhood bar and favorite place for dinner. I miss it.


Colita / Stubby

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This is a sort of palimpsest, an older work with text upon which I have added new text (the Spanish text), dark lines in marker, a couple of stray blue acrylic marks, and a thickish white acrylic wash.



circus people December 3, 2008

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circus people

I saw a black and white photo of some circus people on Flickr and decided to convert it to a sort of overly bright, bold disjointed acrylic painting. The proportions are a little screwy but they’re supposed to be. Its reminded me a little of Paris in the 20’s.


Late start, but at least a start! November 3, 2008

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Made two drawings on my way to work today. A good excuse to stop for a nice cup of coffee. Must buy a new sketchbook later today, as the old one only has one page left. As it happens I love to buy art supplies, so I’m not complaining.