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Cat as French curve November 3, 2009

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Day 2: Ampersand

Aaaand this is my other cat, Ampersand. Just to be fair.

Cats (and bunnies, and guinea pigs, and lots of adorably rotund little furry things) have these wonderful curves that make me just want to squoooosh them. But today, instead, I drew them.

And then I squooshed him.


2 Responses to “Cat as French curve”

  1. Sheila Ryan Says:

    This calls to mind a perceptual illusion of the Young Girl/Old Crone variety.

    May I submit a request?

    Ampersand, Squooshed.

    And speaking of squooshing, I also request of our friend Cooper Renner that he post at least one drawing reminiscent of those in his unpublished series of guinea pig-themed juvenalia.

  2. India Says:

    But I can’t draw him while I’m squooshing him. It takes both arms, plus my face. Maybe I could draw Ampersand getting squooshed by his brother, though; Interro does a much better job of it, anyway.

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