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Greystones DART platform November 27, 2007

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DART train platform

Today my friend Rachel and I took DART from Dublin to Killiney; walked to Dalkey via the beach, Bono’s house, and the Queen Victoria obelisk; took DART again from Dalkey to Bray; took the Cliff Walk to Greystones; ate fish and chips on the beach while a movie or TV show was being filmed behind us; ate tea and cake; and then went to catch the train back to Dublin.

We waited a long, long, long time for the train.


Twenty Sixth November 26, 2007

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Twenty Sixth

Another (wee and skewiff) cactus.


jade plant November 24, 2007

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I decided to do something a little different today. I’m mad at my charcoal pencils. I have to sharpen them like every 2 seconds, so today I used a nice pen I bought yesterday at a Black Friday sale at my art store. I used to only draw in pen anyways. So this is the jade plant on my dresser. I added color with Photoshop.


Twenty Fourth

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Twenty Fourth

My basil is growing quite well now. Yesterday I made our first batch of pesto for this summer. Not a great drawing, but the pesto was nice.


Jacqui 11/23 – Leaf

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I was busy editing images so I asked my friend to make a drawing for today. Here is her contribution to Drawmo!


Twenty Second November 22, 2007

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Twenty Second

Just a little tree today.


Nineteenth November 19, 2007

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Black pen drawing of my hedge, which is growing very quickly (its about four metres tall now) (about twelve feet or so.)


Drawing 8: The John Cleese Plant November 13, 2007

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The John Cleese Plant

Originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.

My first colored pencil drawing this year. The colors are quite wrong — the selection I have is small and I haven’t quite worked out blending and drawing lightly — the but effect is kind of right anyway.

For the full explanation of why I call this “the John Cleese plant,” please see My Brilliant Mistakes.


uninspired November 11, 2007

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It was just one of those days. Couldn’t think of anything I wanted to draw – didn’t want to think! So, I decided not to try and just do instead. Drew a cartoon of flowers and then used the prismacolor pencil as if they were crayons in a kid’s hand.  Well, at least, the passive-aggressive coloring made me feel better.



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When I was a little girl in primary school in Sydney on the eleventh of November we wore a little sprig of rosemary, for Remembrance Day. So this is what I drew today, in black pen, with a bit of bucket fill.