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Christmas tree men… November 23, 2007

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Christmas tree men...

Crowds of people mulling about this morning in front of the hotel. Those of us gawking and those in costomes queueing for the parade. The long title of this quick sketch: “Christmas Tree men and their Snowman wives with Little Drummer Boy with their shaggy dogs.” There were also Pizza men, a Gumby with a Pink Panther on his back, Clowns (of course), assorted Aliens – a veritable cacophony of strange and wonderous creatures… halloween on steriods. While I was enjoying it all, I kinda wondered why ALL this and then I remembered… Let the shopping begin!


Ladybone November 22, 2007

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Every Thanksgiving for the last I don’t know how long, my family—or part of it, at least—has celebrated Thanksgiving with our friends Carol and Jon, who live in Brooklyn, right in the shadow of the Manhattan Bridge. When we first knew them, they had a mellow rust-red pit bull named Ratchethead. After Ratchet moved on to the great dog bed in the sky, they adopted Ladybone, a pretty white pit with pale gray flecks on her sides and the approximate density of a neutron star.

Lady is well behaved, as dogs go—doesn’t bark, sits when you say "sit," never tries to grab food off the table—but she will also lean on you very hard if you sit on the couch—her couch, apparently—and she does drool, as shown here.


Pappy’s Leg November 19, 2007

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Parts of My Dog Sketch 3

I drew this one a few days ago, but didn’t get around to giving it out until today.