For those who wish to draw more

I’m glad to be back. Thanks, India November 1, 2008

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This is pastel chalk on watercolor paper, 9×12, though some will be lost in matting.


Nov.17 November 17, 2007

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This is a quick sketch of a persimmon I was using for a still life.  It got so ripe while I was painting it I thought for sure it would be good.  But no—one bite was all I could stand—turned my mouth inside out.  I like everybody’s ink drawings so much I want to do more.



I’m really too old to be doing a drawing like this one November 13, 2007

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Objects on a bedspread


Nov. 13

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I don’t know what kind of critter this was–possibly a rabbit–with one long tooth left.  Maybe the teeth grew so long the poor thing couldn’t eat anymore?   I tried Bristol Board but didn’t like the surface for charcoal.



Nov. 11 November 11, 2007

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I got these mannequins a long time ago for still life painting.  They’re supposed to be anatomically accurate, but I don’t know….I was going to put skin on them and make them look like real people but decided that was more work than I wanted to do.  That’s a pearl earring but it looks more like a little light bulb!



Nov. 9 November 9, 2007

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Playing dolls again. This one is so small and pale it probably doesn’t show up very well. I can already tell that drawing every day is helping my right brain perk better.



Hand November 8, 2007

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This is a mannequin hand I got some time ago to use in a still life, which I still haven’t painted, holding a marble.  I’ve drawn my own hand so many times but I still have to struggle to get it right.