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Second. November 2, 2007

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Today I made a dress to wear to a friend’s birthday party tomorrow night. It is (of course) a sixties party, and so my dress is the Mondrian inspired kind that everyone has seen. So first I drew the pattern for this dress, then I cut and sewed it, then I drew it in black pen and guoaches, for you all to see. (I tried to stick it in here so you all could see it, but I don’t really have the hang of this thing yet, and the picture was HUGE, much larger than life,  and I hastily withdrew it, I hope none of you witnessed this hopeless attempt). I have been a bit cross, but now I am drinking a big glass of red wine.


Day 25 November 26, 2006

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doll 25

Gouache again – trying not to fuss.


Jar with buttons November 13, 2006

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Inspired by Indias jar earlier this week I decided to give my jar full of buttons a try. (Because I’m a lazy person and didn’t have the engergy to save the highlights out, I just splashed on some white guache.)


Day 7 November 8, 2006

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doll 7

Gouache and then pen and ink.


Day 2 November 2, 2006

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doll 2

So today I marked a mini grid-within-a-grid (crossing lines) in white china marker before splashing around some gouache. Very wet and translucent.