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The Wilderness Must Be Explored! November 3, 2009

For Day 1 of DrawMo I managed a little cartoon sketch of an amazingly funny guy I’m a fan of named Jon Stewart. For Day 2 I drew another Jon—but this one has amazing taste in Halloween costumes.

I found today’s Jon via Lee Unkrich’s (@leeunkrich: Pixar director) twitter feed when he started linking to Pixar-inspired Halloween costumes. They were all really cute, but Jon’s was my favorite. His folks did a great job with the costume [check out the all their Up costume photos at their blog: Chez PLJ! And marvel at all of Jon’s other great costumes too!] and he really wears it well.

I’m going to try to finish this sketch tomorrow as well as start an all new sketch for Day 3; I had a lot of fun working on Jon’s smile tonight.

A Wilderness Explorer is a friend to all.

Jon as Russell, Wilderness Explorer from Pixar's "Up"

You can follow Jon’s parents on Twitter at: @doodletronicsp (Peter) & @doodletronicsl (Laura)


2 Responses to “The Wilderness Must Be Explored!”

  1. India Says:

    Nice job.

    I haven’t seen Up, but that costume looks awesome. I especially like the MONSTROUS backpack.

  2. Cooper Says:

    Smiles are hard. This is a good one.

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