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Mo’forum in Paris this weekend January 26, 2010

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I have a habit of wandering into rooms and buildings on my walks around a city and while in Paris last November I wandered into this huge drawing/zine expo by the Canal St. Martin. It was Drawmo month, and of course I felt the spirit of Drawmo keenly there. I took one of these flyers announcing what looks like the same arrangement again, which is happening this weekend, so if you’re in Paris, you might want to have a look in.


Baiser de pluie November 4, 2009

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Baiser de pluie

It rained intensely and erratically all day. The hut kept up its end of the bargain, remarkably well. It’s getting cosier in there by the minute, but some part of my mind must be aware of the flu that oinked, and its human hosts, throughout the land.


It rained an awful lot today. November 2, 2009

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Oh 2

I spent a lot of it buying more insulation materials for my hut. All the while, it rained and rained. I think I might spend the month making drawings on the theme of ‘Oh’.


Here comes a drawmonaut! November 1, 2009

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Hello, I am Lucy. I’ve been drawing for kind of a while, occasionally trying to collect them all in one place, but so far it hasn’t really worked out. I draw squiggles on the hoof. I spent a week in Berlin in January 2007, arriving in time for the hurricane. I did not find people terribly friendly and so I bought a notebook and some crayons and kept a colourful notebook for the week. This is the first page (after the title page, which is ‘Berlin in the colours of frustration and hope’). It is, I believe, a self portrait. I am happy to be a drawmonaut and think the condition deserves to have its own t-shirt. In other news, I am making a record and it rocks. Until we are finished though, you will have to slake your Lucysong thirst here.

Berlin notebook page 1