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edward sweeney todd November 23, 2007

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I just saw my first ad for the Tim Burton movie “Sweeney Todd” with my absolute fave Johnny Depp. So then I went to You Tube to see what I could see and there were a few things. But I did see, I guess, one of the stills from the movie. I had to keep refreshing the image when I was drawing it. Being a theatre geek I have seen “Sweeney Todd” in the theatre a couple of times, so I’m not just blindly going in for Depp or for Tim Burton. But it should be interesting. Oh, and with the wild crazy hair in the poster, I couldn’t help but think of “Edward Scissorhands” so here is my rendition of “edward sweeney todd”.


hippie chick November 15, 2007

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This summer I was lucky enough to go down to New York City and visit my best friend, Gregory. And fortunately, he likes art as much as I do, so we went to both MOMA and the Whitney Museum of Art. The Whitney was having an art show celebrating the 1960’s and I picked up a brochure which had a nice photo of a hippie girl with drawings on her face. I still have the brochure on my desk and I just thought I’d try and draw that image for today’s art assignment. I used charcoal pencil for the drawing part and pastels for the color.



“whimsical” man with beret November 13, 2007

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I found this old photo of Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie on the internet and he was wearing a beret and tiny round purple glasses. I tried to draw him, but he came out a little more ethnic than Billy Bob.

And then when I was showing my mom some of my drawings this morning, she pointedly pointed out I don’t know how to do perspective, but my drawings are “whimsical”. I’m still trying to figure out if that is good. I have made over $200 selling my art work in the last month and a half. Perspective? Making money? Hmmm.


guy in a hoodie November 12, 2007

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My car was on the fritz today, so I had to take the bus downtown, which provided me the opportunity to draw this kid wearing a hoodie over across from me.  He was reading some papers. I sketched him in charcoal pencil on the bus and then added color via Photoshop when I got home. The drawing was a little shakey on the bus. Oh well.


ghetto girl November 10, 2007

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I saw this woman at the mall today. I was sort of surreptitiously drawing her because I didn’t want to get my ass kicked. I just drew the general picture there with a charcoal pencil and then added color via Photoshop when I got home. She looked really tough.