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uninspired November 11, 2007

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It was just one of those days. Couldn’t think of anything I wanted to draw – didn’t want to think! So, I decided not to try and just do instead. Drew a cartoon of flowers and then used the prismacolor pencil as if they were crayons in a kid’s hand.  Well, at least, the passive-aggressive coloring made me feel better.


Pomegranate November 7, 2007

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06-07 pomegranate

I did this at my office desk, over two days: started it yesterday with a lousy contour drawing and then colored it in today while scanning pages of a story. It’s based on this photo by Flickr user justinleif. We’re publishing an article tomorrow in which a pomegranate layer cake is mentioned (!!!), so I rather arbitrarily decided to draw something pomegranate-related.

It’s hard to get large areas of saturated color with these tiny little Stabilo pens, but I had a lot of time on my hands.


“but she wept bitter tears over her wounds, and he could not take her” November 4, 2007

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referencing the Handless Maiden folktale. Low-relief drawing on metal shim.


“Feed me” November 1, 2007

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I planted some seeds very late in the season and they’re just blooming, just as we’re getting our first frost. How smart am I? So I have some late blooming flowers out on the porch. I hope this image isn’t too big.


a spot of color November 19, 2006

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It is STILL so gray and rainy that I’m (the person who enjoys the melancholy of the Oregon weather) getting as fed up with it as everyone else! Someone once told be that “orange” was this spiritual, calming, get-in-touch-with-yourself type color – thought I’d give it a shot. I used an ink pen to draw the flower and Derwent watercolour pencils.


monday, monday November 13, 2006

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cone flower daze
Even though I kept thinking “less is more” I didn’t pay any attention. Grumble.