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falling behind! November 7, 2007

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sorry! i had a crazy busy weekend. i did my drawings! i just had to upload them and post them.
here are day 3 and day 4,

day 3 was kind of a lazy, super fast sketch thingy. in case you are wondering, i’m into mopeds, and am a member of the mosquito fleet, the seattle branch of the moped army.
day 3 = chalk board

day 4 i wanted to do something in blue, so i did the negative space around a chair. sorry if the chair looks weird, i didn’t have one to look at, i kind of winged it from what i remember a computer chair looking like, hah.
day 4 = negative chair

i’ll try to have days 5, 6, and 7 tomorrow! gah!


ネコ! (cat) November 2, 2007

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more ms paint for now!
click for bigger



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i did this in ms paint, using my mouse