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Nude #1 November 8, 2009

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Alan poses for us


The dying Gaul actually survived and became a Nonconformist minister in Newcastle. November 2, 2009

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Here comes a drawmonaut! November 1, 2009

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Hello, I am Lucy. I’ve been drawing for kind of a while, occasionally trying to collect them all in one place, but so far it hasn’t really worked out. I draw squiggles on the hoof. I spent a week in Berlin in January 2007, arriving in time for the hurricane. I did not find people terribly friendly and so I bought a notebook and some crayons and kept a colourful notebook for the week. This is the first page (after the title page, which is ‘Berlin in the colours of frustration and hope’). It is, I believe, a self portrait. I am happy to be a drawmonaut and think the condition deserves to have its own t-shirt. In other news, I am making a record and it rocks. Until we are finished though, you will have to slake your Lucysong thirst here.

Berlin notebook page 1


Balding guy washing his RV November 2, 2008

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Pastel chalk on watercolor paper, 9×12.


Another, just for the fun of it November 1, 2008

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Pastel chalk on watercolor paper, 9×12. They are going gently.


I’m glad to be back. Thanks, India

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This is pastel chalk on watercolor paper, 9×12, though some will be lost in matting.


love bites April 22, 2008

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love bites

This was just a cartoon I draw at an all day drawing conference at the local university. They had a 15 foot long piece of construction paper up on the wall that you could draw anything on, and I decided to draw this cartoon on. I like the bright colors.


cowboy November 30, 2007

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Well, here is Day 30. Not necessarily drawing 30, but I did pretty well. I think I did about 25-26 which is pretty good for somebody who is incredibly apathetic. LOL! I’m glad I discovered the site. Thanks India. Oh, and it was also fun seeing everyone else’s work. Nice to know there are other people out there who enjoy making art as much as I do. Thanks.


Sucker November 28, 2007

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This is my first Drawmo post which was not created on my Wacom tablet. I did this with oil pastel crayons and pencil on a canvas board (including a lot of smearing of crayon with my fingers.) My nephew was 15 in this photo, with a sucker in his mouth.



edward sweeney todd November 23, 2007

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I just saw my first ad for the Tim Burton movie “Sweeney Todd” with my absolute fave Johnny Depp. So then I went to You Tube to see what I could see and there were a few things. But I did see, I guess, one of the stills from the movie. I had to keep refreshing the image when I was drawing it. Being a theatre geek I have seen “Sweeney Todd” in the theatre a couple of times, so I’m not just blindly going in for Depp or for Tim Burton. But it should be interesting. Oh, and with the wild crazy hair in the poster, I couldn’t help but think of “Edward Scissorhands” so here is my rendition of “edward sweeney todd”.