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Colita / Stubby November 1, 2009

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This is a sort of palimpsest, an older work with text upon which I have added new text (the Spanish text), dark lines in marker, a couple of stray blue acrylic marks, and a thickish white acrylic wash.



circus people December 3, 2008

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circus people

I saw a black and white photo of some circus people on Flickr and decided to convert it to a sort of overly bright, bold disjointed acrylic painting. The proportions are a little screwy but they’re supposed to be. Its reminded me a little of Paris in the 20’s.


Falling person February 28, 2008

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There was a terrible snow storm last night and I was unable to attend my beloved figure drawing class and I really felt like creating something, so I ravaged the house and found one tiny canvas and started to paint. I haven’t painted much since summer. I really miss it. I also really had no idea what I was going to paint. I looked through some art magazines. And then amongst my MySpace art friends, trying to find an idea. I finally saw a falling man image and took it and made it my own.  Its definitely mine. Yup.



channeling picasso November 20, 2007

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I hope its okay to put this in. Its a painting I’ve been working on that I finished last night after “Dancing with the Stars”. LOL. I am having a one-woman art show next summer and I’m slowly trying to get some work together, because I’m a wreck thinking that I can’t fill up a whole venue with artwork. Although I certainly have filled up a whole apartment with it. I do love to paint though, but I don’t have much space and I have to paint on the counter where I feed the cat.  This is done with acrylic paints.  I might still play with it a tiny bit more. Why do artists have to be so dang angsty?