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About DrawMo! October 13, 2006

DrawMo! (“Draw Month” or “Draw More,” depending on your fancy) began as a project whereby interested parties attempted to make (and, ideally, post) at least one drawing per day during the month of November 2006. We had so much fun that we decided to repeat it every year.

Everyone is welcome! This is a group blog, and there is a Flickr group for the results. Should you wish to participate, post a comment here or there, or e-mail me at india dot amos whorl gmail dot com and I’ll hook you up. (You’ll need to open a WordPress account before I can give you posting privileges on the blog. If you already have an account under a different e-mail address than the one under which you post comments, let me know.) Anyone with a Flickr account can add to the photo pool.

There are already many projects like this on the Internet, most notably Everyday Matters, NaNoWriMo, and NaArMaMo. This particular project grew out of a thread at India, Ink.: Redrawing the right side of the brain.


45 Responses to “About DrawMo!”

  1. Sheila Ryan Says:

    And laying her finger aside of her nose, and giving a nod — “Count me in!” she squeaked, already beginning to wonder what the world she’d gotten herself into.

  2. w4iter Says:

    I would like to participate. Thanks for the opportunity. I used to be a professional artist but in 1985 I stopped painting. I hope my muses have not forsaken me. Next month this time I’ll find out. What do I have to do besides making one or several drawings each day?

  3. India Amos Says:


    The drawing’s the thing, as I just explained over here. That’s all you have to do to participate. But I’ll add you to the blog and post some tech how-to info later.

  4. I would like to participate… it’s been several years (at least 10) since I’ve actively sought to draw anything. How strict are you guys on the “every day” policy? I’m anxious to get started.

  5. India Amos Says:

    Well, most of us seem to be observing Earth days, but you could choose to follow the schedule of some other planet, where “every day” means, say, every 36 hours . . .

    No, but really, we don’t care. It’s all on the honor system—some people are drawing but not posting at all—and the point is just to draw more than you were already drawing. So if you draw once every two weeks, whereas before you were drawing zero times a week, that’s a huge improvement, right?

  6. […] Ok, so what’s up with the month of November?! You can write a novel, you can post something, anything daily on your blog, you can create art … and NOW how about Drawing? […]

  7. Rahul Says:

    Such a Wonderful Blog & what a nice Concept!
    Loved it toomuch & hv ‘BlogRolled’ it.
    Bye :)

  8. lmdalton Says:

    I’d like to participate. Any rules for uploading pictures (i.e. size)?

  9. […] publicly; it’s just more fun that way. To join the group blog, send me an e-mail or leave a comment over there. You can also join the Flickr […]

  10. Elisabeth Says:

    I’ll try again this year too. The company is great and an excuse to draw more is always welcome. :-)

  11. syrenka Says:

    Count me in.

  12. Erwin Says:

    im gonna join, methinks. Great idea!

  13. architheque Says:

    i’d like to participate too. are there restrictions on media type? i.e. draw = pencil/chalk/charcoal/ink but nothing applied with a brush? modest amounts of mixed media okay? :)

  14. India Amos Says:

    Welcome, welcome, welcome new people! I’ll be e-mailing you shortly. I will answer procedural questions in a new post.

  15. awittykitty Says:

    I do the one self portrait a day on flickr. Hmm. I wonder if I could draw something every day? I guess I could try. I already do an art class 4 times a month.

  16. […] October 16th, 2007 i think i’m going to participate in drawmo this year. i need to be doing more drawing, and this seems like a good, fun way to go about […]

  17. […] DrawMo yourself at the blog or the Flickr […]

  18. Great! That’s just what I need. My husband wrote a whole novel with Nanowrimo so now there’s something that will keep my ass in the chair as well! Add me to the list.

  19. scarahliz Says:

    Oooh, this sounds fabulous.
    I am in!

  20. India Amos Says:

    Okay! I think I’ve finally e-mailed everybody who commented or wrote to me saying they wanted to sign up. If you have not received a message from me (a) check your spam folder, and (b) write to me again, directly. I’m india, dot, amos, at the gmail.

    Everybody who had posting rights on the blog last year and actually posted has still got them this year. I deleted the lurker accounts, though. (Except Sheila’s. Because you never know when she’ll sneak up and surprise you.)

  21. Amy Says:

    My daughter and I found your blog through dressaday. Moriah would love to participate in DrawMo. Could you email us all the details?

  22. redgirl Says:

    Count me in! Thanks.


  23. artisthome Says:

    I found out about Drawmo! from Elizabeth Perry’s blog. I’ve been wanting to practice drawing every day and this is a great opportunity, please count me in. I just started a WordPress account and am still working on figuring everything out. I hope to get up to speed quickly!

  24. Hi India
    I’ve started observing Drawmo, and I’ve made a WordPress account. How do I link up now?

  25. Cooper Says:

    Hi, I’d like to sign on. Can you use this info here to set up the WordPress account, or do I have to do that? I’ve got my first drawing ready.


  26. sionwyn Says:

    sign me up too, please! I sent my first image to the flickr group.

  27. Kathy Owens Hankins Says:

    Please, I would love to do this. I have been looking at Woolgathering for a few months, have been inspired to try sketching every day because of it. Am such a technophobe that I just recently figured out what a blog is (sorry). So… I don’t have one & don’t want to be considered a “lurker”, that dosent sound like a good thing. Kathy OH

  28. Les Meehan Says:

    Hi India

    Great idea! Can you let me know what I need to do to participate?



  29. jill cooper Says:

    I would also love to join this site. It will encourage me to keep at it. By the way what is a lurker? is it a bad thing? I don’t want to accidentally become one. I keep looking at Woolgathering which encouraged me into the daily drawing. So thanks

  30. lmsavage Says:

    This sounds great! Count me in!

  31. Sketchplanet Says:


    Would Sketchplanet (a user community sketch site) be of use to you and your readers

    Kind regards,
    Giles Dawe

  32. […] And another thing … Posted on November 4, 2006 by Cynthia Ok, so what’s up with the month of November?! You can write a novel, you can post something, anything daily on your blog, you can create art … and NOW how about Drawing? […]

  33. […] join the DrawMo! group blog, send me an e-mail or leave a comment here or there. You can also join the Flickr […]

  34. Elisabeth Says:

    Last year I didn’t finish more than a couple of drawings, and my poor old sketchbook has been neglected almost all year, so I will definitely try to do this this year. Count me in!

  35. […] join the DrawMo! group blog, send me an e-mail or leave a comment here or there. You can also join the Flickr […]

  36. Just stumbled upon an entry about DrawMo on clusterflock.org and would like to participate.

  37. tiffyp89 Says:

    I would like to participate in drawmo :)

  38. Jessica Says:

    I’m trying to learn to draw, so this would be a great way to make sure I practice. I’m two days late, but sign me up, please!

  39. […] not the first to come up with this idea. I found a blog advocating DrawMo, a spin-off of NaNoWriMo (https://drawmo.wordpress.com/about/). Their goal in 2007 was one picture a day, which sounds about right. They also advocate the use of […]

  40. Michael Says:

    Hi, I was just linked to this site from a friend, can you sign me up? I already have made 4 drawings in the past 4 days! Thanks!

  41. […] you share them. Accordingly, we have a group blog. If you want to join it, please leave a comment there. Furthermore, anyone can post to the Flickr […]

  42. Mary Says:

    Hi, I also want to participate! Please tell me details. Thank you!

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