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Jacqui 11/1 – Pure contour drawing November 2, 2007

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Hi, I’m Jacqui. In the world of creativity I describe myself as a photographer. I’ve wanted to learn to draw for a while now. Watercolors were the beginning but I quickly switched to drawing. Painting watercolors without knowing anything about art is freeing because you don’t know anything about technique. But it can also be frustrating because you don’t know anything about technique. I bought the “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”workbook and I’m doing those exercises while also reading the book. My first post EVER in WordPress (which I’m still trying to get the hang of, please bear with me) is this blind “Pure Contour Drawing” of the wrinkles and lines in my left palm. Is it okay to load images into this Drawmo! account or should I be linking from Snapfish (I don’t use Flickr)?


3 Responses to “Jacqui 11/1 – Pure contour drawing”

  1. India Amos Says:

    Hi, Jacqui! It looks like you figured WordPress out very well.

    It’s okay to load images into this account, but if you can link from Snapfish without too much trouble, that would be preferable, since there is a limit on how much we can store here for free.

  2. Wow, you got a lot of lines down. I tried this a few days ago and even though I was in R-mode (I seem to spend most of my life in R-mode — except when drawing) and seeing so many details my picture still came out quite sparse. I tried a bit of crumpled tissue next and was so fascinated I spent twice the normal time on it. I’m looking forward to what else you’ve uploaded. Gonna check it out now!

  3. Your drawing looks really well. I’ve started to read the same book but I’m having lots of trouble with this very exercise since I can’t get the synching of my seeing and blind-drawing right; as a result, I always end up drawing all the wrinkles in roughly the same space, over instead of next to each other. I always used an eraser generously in all the previous exercises but this exercise expects you to draw perfectly with each stroke!

    Do you have any tips?

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