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Pablo’s Pepper November 2, 2008

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Hello all, my name is Pablo Defendini and I’m happy to have joined DrawMo! this year. I’m the producer for Tor.com, I’m a graphic designer (late of Tor Books—funny how these things work out), and I’m a printmaker (although I’m currently between studios—cyberspace is keeping me plenty busy these days). Anyway, enough about me. Happy to be here.

This is a Moleskine sketch of Pepper, the protagonist of many of Tobias S. Buckell‘s short stories and novels. I love Buckell’s work. Having been raised in the Caribbean like I was, he brings an island sensibility to his science fiction, which I eat up with a spoon. Oh, and the man writes a mean space opera.


One Response to “Pablo’s Pepper”

  1. India Says:

    Hey, I worked on one of Buckell’s books! It was just a pickup of somebody else’s design, though. And I left SMP before the proofs came back, so I never got to skim it (no matter how I tried, I’d always end up reading about half of each of the books I designed).

    I love printmaking. So fun.

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