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I’m working on it … November 10, 2009

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This is a drawing of Ruedi Baur, who spoke at a seminar I attended the first weekend of Drawmo:

Next I did a quick thumbnail sketch of myself that I vectorized in Illustrator – mainly for my blog, but because I’m such a lazy Drawmonaut it will have to do as drawing #2:

Third drawing was made while making supper.

And the last of this batch was a selfportrait I drew – also while cooking.

-So now I’m only, what, 7? 8? drawings behind? Better go sharpen those pencils I guess. :)


Drawing at work November 14, 2008

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This little drawing was made here at work. We have this series of books where I have ended up making the tiny vignette on the cover. It hasn’t been approved yet, so the colors and stuff might change a bit on the final version, but I thought it might be fun to se what it is (more or less) going to look like when finished.

The previous books can be seen here.


Catching up … once again

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I’m not even going to prendend I did these sketches one day at a time. Hehe. Went to a really inspiring lecture yesterday about Magazine Design, and listen to Art Directors from Real Simple, GQ, Esquire, Wired and W talk, and while they talked I drew them.


This is Niels Bøje Ziegler from Denmark who put together the program of the day, and Eva Spring from Real Simple. 



And this is Anton Loukhnovets from Gentlemen’s Quarterly, who drank an enourmous amount of water (from a Vodka bottle) during his speach. I don’t know how he managed to get it all down. Must have been close to a liter in less than one hour. Impressive. (And so was his work.)



Here we have Scott Dadich from Wired. His speach was one of the best of the day I think. Made me want to go out and buy Wired. 


This is David Cucurito from Esquire. I admit I probably added a few pounds to his actual weight.

He was the most energetic speaker yesterday, and moved around a lot. 



And this is Nathalie Kirsheh from W. She was not moving at all.


Catching up November 7, 2008

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Phew! Tried very hard to find something other to draw than people at coffeehouses, but after ending up with my own left hand on wednesdays sketch I was back drinking coffee yesterday. I must take a look around the house and see if I can’t find some objects worth spending time on. Some kitchen utensils perhaps. And next week I’m considering throwing in some colors too. Not making any promises but I will try …


Crappy meeting-sketch November 5, 2008

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Made this during a meeting yesterday. Was hoping to find time to make another, but no such luck. This is the two guys sitting across from me. The one on the right actually looks quite a lot like himself, but the other one is miles away from even remotely resembling himself.


Day 3 November 4, 2008

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Made in my new, pretty sketchbook. Still one day behind, but have good hope of catching up today.


Late start, but at least a start! November 3, 2008

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Made two drawings on my way to work today. A good excuse to stop for a nice cup of coffee. Must buy a new sketchbook later today, as the old one only has one page left. As it happens I love to buy art supplies, so I’m not complaining.


Day #15 November 15, 2007

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Made this one on my way to work today. This girl was sitting inside with a huge jacket on. She must have been really, really cold.


Day #5

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This is the only sketch I made while in London. Drawn in a very dark room at a wonderful exhibition at the Victoria&Albert Museum.


Day #2 …

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I’ve been a terrible Drawmonaut, but things have been just too busy around here. Going to London, getting a cold, moving office … things have just kept getting in the way of my sketching. In my defense I can tell you that I did carry my sketchbook all around London. Just didn’t take it out of my purse …