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Orange November 25, 2007

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Somebody dropped his or her orange onto the subway tracks. Bummer.


Tomatillos November 24, 2007

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I found these in a fruit bowl around the lake house. I’m pretty sure they are tomatillos, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it. If you’d like to enter for this free postcard art, just comment at the blog (blog.natdickinson.com) and email a delivery address like it says here.



Apples November 20, 2007

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Stacked Apples

 This is my first watercolor experiment in a long time.  The postcard sketch is up for grabs at blog.natdickinson.com.


Nov.17 November 17, 2007

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This is a quick sketch of a persimmon I was using for a still life.  It got so ripe while I was painting it I thought for sure it would be good.  But no—one bite was all I could stand—turned my mouth inside out.  I like everybody’s ink drawings so much I want to do more.



Pomegranate November 7, 2007

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06-07 pomegranate

I did this at my office desk, over two days: started it yesterday with a lousy contour drawing and then colored it in today while scanning pages of a story. It’s based on this photo by Flickr user justinleif. We’re publishing an article tomorrow in which a pomegranate layer cake is mentioned (!!!), so I rather arbitrarily decided to draw something pomegranate-related.

It’s hard to get large areas of saturated color with these tiny little Stabilo pens, but I had a lot of time on my hands.


Day one: Tomato from my yard November 4, 2007

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Tomato from my yard

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Playing catch-up. Here’s the first drawing I did, on the first day of November. The tomato is one that I grew in what I generously call my garden. There are still a couple of green tomatoes there now, but the frosts and cold this week will bring their swift end. Still, the few nice tomatoes I enjoyed this year made the little bit of work worthwhile.

I drew this with pencil — I think that will be my medium of choice for the month. I feel I’ve forgotten everything I learned/discovered last year. Curves remain particularly hard.


Tangerine November 21, 2006

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They are soooo good this time of year …


Apples with coffee rings November 2, 2006

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This is obviously not my desk—

Apples, cup, and coffee rings

—because I would never keep anything as disgusting as fruit on my desk. (I’m freelancing at a friend’s office this evening.)