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Back Bay Brewing cap November 1, 2009

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Back Bay Brewing cap, originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.

Another year of DrawMo! Hoorah, hooray!

This year, my theme will be to use the Brushes app on my iPhone for all drawings. I always have my phone with me, so I will never have an excuse for not drawing.

I have also been madly impressed by the Brushes illustrations that have appeared on the cover of the New Yorker. I don’t expect to be making anything of nearly that quality or beauty, but I think it will be a good experience.

This is a sketch of my favorite cap, which I acquired at the Back Bay Brewing Company in 1997. The bar is unfortunately now defunct; it was my neighborhood bar and favorite place for dinner. I miss it.


circus people December 3, 2008

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circus people

I saw a black and white photo of some circus people on Flickr and decided to convert it to a sort of overly bright, bold disjointed acrylic painting. The proportions are a little screwy but they’re supposed to be. Its reminded me a little of Paris in the 20’s.


oh johnny! January 6, 2008

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I haven’t painted for a while, but I happened to see a photo of Johnny Depp on the internet last night and next thing I knew I was drawing it on a canvas and then painting it. I paint really fast, as in I did this in about an hour and a half. I don’t know if it looks exactly like him, but I think I caught his essence. I am still drawing every day. Will try to submit more in the coming weeks. Thanks.


Winter illustration December 4, 2007

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Winter illustration
I did an oil drawing of the girl, pen drawings for the border, added real snow and scarf and gloves and did some digital coloring.


catchup November 24, 2007

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today’s last-minute effort is celebratory:


been playing with Scribbler the last couple of days – it’s hell fun, and some of the results are terrific. Original drawings are on flickr too, but they’re just frameworks to go nuts on with scribbler.


top of the coat/hatrack in my room that holds all the scarves, hats & shawls etc that I never wear. Texta on cartridge.


quick pencil sketch of my daughter’s hands. 2B on cartridge.



Drawing eleven: LFM hat November 16, 2007

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LFM hat

Originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.


“whimsical” man with beret November 13, 2007

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I found this old photo of Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie on the internet and he was wearing a beret and tiny round purple glasses. I tried to draw him, but he came out a little more ethnic than Billy Bob.

And then when I was showing my mom some of my drawings this morning, she pointedly pointed out I don’t know how to do perspective, but my drawings are “whimsical”. I’m still trying to figure out if that is good. I have made over $200 selling my art work in the last month and a half. Perspective? Making money? Hmmm.


Herringbone November 10, 2007

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09 herringbone

So, remember how I said that choosing a subject who won’t move is the hard part of drawing on the subway? Yeah. Yesterday’s model, who’d looked like he was really devoted to this subway pole, dove for a seat when I’d barely had a chance to get started. How rude! So I had to occupy myself for the rest of the ride somehow . . .

This guy wasn’t actually wearing a herringbone coat, but the man sitting next to me on my morning train ride had been. I’d considered drawing that guy for a moment but was at a bad angle; also, I was hoping I’d find something over the course of the day that ould fit into the Illustration Friday theme of “scale.” I didn’t. So then in the evening, I decided to get my herringbone fix anyway.

I filled in about half of the herringbone at home.


cowpoke with hat November 3, 2007

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a woman dressed as a cowpoke

Female model from my art class. She was dressed as a cowpoke I guess. Drrr?


Winter White Hat November 2, 2007

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02 winter white hat

So, because today’s Illustration Friday theme is “Hats,” on the subway this morning I looked for a person wearing one. Not difficult—half the men in New York wear baseball caps. But this guy, though layered very thoroughly in turtleneck, sweater, and puff coat, was wearing a brilliant white piqué cap. So summery! Or, if you prefer, winter white.

And, of course, he had on sunglasses, although he was underground and reading a newspaper.

I didn’t have a good seat today, and he kept moving his head from one side to the other as he turned the pages of his newspaper (another reason to fold up your newspaper as you read, people!), which is why his hat obeys no known conventions of two-dimensional representation. At least, that is my story, and I am sticking to it.