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I’m working on it … November 10, 2009

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This is a drawing of Ruedi Baur, who spoke at a seminar I attended the first weekend of Drawmo:

Next I did a quick thumbnail sketch of myself that I vectorized in Illustrator – mainly for my blog, but because I’m such a lazy Drawmonaut it will have to do as drawing #2:

Third drawing was made while making supper.

And the last of this batch was a selfportrait I drew – also while cooking.

-So now I’m only, what, 7? 8? drawings behind? Better go sharpen those pencils I guess. :)


To the tune of “Journey to the Heavyside Layer” November 9, 2009

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I never saw the musical Cats, and I don’t think my ex-boyfriend A. did, either, but whenever he wished to evoke the show (which—I can’t explain why one might do this, but, trust me, it came up more than once), he would sing, to the tune of what I have subsequently determined is the song “Journey to the Heavyside Layer” from the show, the following lyrics:

Cats, cats, cats, ca-a-ats,
Cats, cats, cats, ca-a-ats,
Ca-ats, cats cats,
Cats cats cats cats!

So, if you know the tune, you should sing it along while reviewing these sketches.


I drew a World Series metaphor… November 5, 2009

… at the John Hodgman reading.

The New York Playground Bullies vs. Philadelphia Philladelphian(s)

The ropes, they do nothing.

From Mark Summers’ illustration of Gulliver’s travels at the Union Square Barnes and Noble (barely visible in the background here). In the original, Gulliver is just waking up and lifting his hand—it does not look like the little breeches guy is about to get a King Kong grip like is so clearly going to happen in my sketch (no room for brains in my breeches guy’s tiny head. Sad.).

Drawing from an illustration was weird at first but the subject matter made me smile, which seems to be the running theme of my DrawMo subjects so far.


take five November 4, 2009

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take five

Crazy busy today. Between errands I decided to take five minutes and just draw something. Took a little longer than five minutes but ‘five’ was the theme as I played with the Hindi word for five, पांच.


Baiser de pluie

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Baiser de pluie

It rained intensely and erratically all day. The hut kept up its end of the bargain, remarkably well. It’s getting cosier in there by the minute, but some part of my mind must be aware of the flu that oinked, and its human hosts, throughout the land.


I am not thou

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This isn’t quite the kind of cartoon Sheila was hoping I’d do, but maybe it will please anyway.



Crappy meeting-sketch November 5, 2008

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Made this during a meeting yesterday. Was hoping to find time to make another, but no such luck. This is the two guys sitting across from me. The one on the right actually looks quite a lot like himself, but the other one is miles away from even remotely resembling himself.


Terrible in-class drawing November 4, 2008

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Terrible in-class drawing

Let’s just pretend that my drawing today looks like this one, instead.


Winter illustration December 4, 2007

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Winter illustration
I did an oil drawing of the girl, pen drawings for the border, added real snow and scarf and gloves and did some digital coloring.


Days 4 and 5 November 8, 2007

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Still three days behind, but I was pleased by the way these ink drawings turned out. I’m torn between trying to drawings with a lot of detail (like my Day 1 drawing) and drawings which are pared waaaaay down. There are so many good examples of both already here this month…