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Fluevog February 3, 2008

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Green Fluevog

I work a block away from a Fluevog store, and I’ve been eyeing these pumps for months. Every time there’s a sale, I go in to check the price. This style never goes on sale. So today I finally bit the bullet, tried them on, and bought them.

The polka dots belong to a Douglas Coupland coffee table that’s at the office where I do some of my freelance work. The white on the left is my sketchbook, open on my knee.

I used a mix of pen and colored pencil, because I needed brown. My mini-pen set doesn’t contain any browns, as I’ve complained many times, but the pencil set at the office had two.


Cattani Foot November 16, 2007

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Cattani Foot

Perhaps I should have titled them “toes.” I don’t have access to a real skeleton so I borrowed from a picture of a 1780 engraving by Antonio Cattani that a found in Sara Simblet’s Anatomy for the Artist. I am, by the way, absolutely in love with the book. The John Davis’ photography of male and female models is superb. I hoping to use the book to learn how to draw the body… (and continuing to gush) it’s a wonderful reference!


A case in point November 14, 2007

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case in point

Yesterday, when I posted that drawing of various strangers’ feet, Jerry Waese commented at Flickr, “next time do ears.” I replied that

The problem with ears is that they’re attached to people’s heads. I’d have to look at a bunch of strangers’ heads, and they’d think I was staring at them (which I would be), and they’d get freaked out / annoyed / hostile. . . .

Everybody wants to be anonymous on the subway.

Today, because of poor planning, I was stuck drawing feet again; and the train was pretty crowded, so I was drawing the woman directly in front of me. She didn’t notice for a while, because she was reading. But eventually she did, at a point when I was staring very intently at her shoes, and she began to fidget. Finally, at a stop where the train emptied out a bit, she got up and walked down the car. Not to get off, just to change seats.

I was not dressed like a scary person. I was wearing a black and white flowered dress, red clogs, black leather jacket, pink scarf, iPod. Doesn’t matter. People don’t like being drawn around here.



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People on the train were not cooperating this evening. They all kept moving their feet.


Drawing 7: Boot November 12, 2007

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Originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.

I notice lots of people draw their hands and feet and such, so it was time for me to try the same.

The seventh pencil drawing I’ve done. I’m going to switch to colored pencils for the next group of drawings.

As I often do, I’ve written more about this drawing at My Brilliant Mistakes.


Jacqui 11/9 – Foot with color November 10, 2007

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Adding color via Photoshop layers to my 11/4/07 post.

color foot


Jacqui 11/4 – Crossed foot November 5, 2007

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Was stuck in a chair all day long. A sketch of my crossed foot between dimmings of the overhead lights.

My crossed foot


Whoa, like, totally trippy, dude. November 4, 2007

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Trippy, man

Ink and Pencil on Paper.

I started drawing this one in the morning (the pencil bits, with my foot). But it was so damn boring I put it down. Then later on, when I was *ahem* under some sort of…*ahem* influence…*ahem* I drew the rest.

It makes me happy.
I think the duck thing is a duck…
and yes, it’s the ocean.


My left foot November 16, 2006

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my left foot

11/15/06: I started off hating this, not because it’s a horrid cliche but because the lines were off. But you know what? All I had to do was loosen things up, thicken the lines and voila! It’s a drawing that I actually kinda like. There’s a lesson there somewhere.


Watching TV November 7, 2006

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My feet … drawn while watching ER and drinking coffee. I’m the queen of multitasking.