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Tomatillos November 24, 2007

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I found these in a fruit bowl around the lake house. I’m pretty sure they are tomatillos, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it. If you’d like to enter for this free postcard art, just comment at the blog (blog.natdickinson.com) and email a delivery address like it says here.



Squash November 21, 2007

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Happy Thanksgiving. If you’d like a shot at receiving this postcard, stop by the blog at blog.natdickinson.com.


Day 11 (and 8 thru 10)- Architheque November 11, 2007

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Time to play catchup.


Trying to make use of everything in my drawing box at least once. Unfortunately, there’s a carton of 4 cheap crayons in my kit (the result of my inability to throw things away). Red, yellow, blue, and green. What to do with them? Well…draw like a child, I guess.

Previous days’ sketches behind the cut, so as not to be a visual hog.  When seen altogether, it’s clear I’m a mixed bag when it comes to style.



sweet dumpling squash November 10, 2007

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sweet dumpling squash

I find quick sketches very satisfying – although I may be developing a false sense of confidence! tah-done


kale November 5, 2007

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Well, that was interesting. I felt like I was doing a blind contour drawing. (2b pencil)


leftovers November 26, 2006

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This is the delicata squash that never got cooked during the Thanksgiving weekend.


The elusive pumpernut squash November 23, 2006

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I am not a person who thinks fresh pumpkin is better than canned, but I did have this little butternut squash sitting on my counter, so I thought I might as well blend it with the canned pumpkin to make a multisquash pie. The resulting mixture was about 60 percent butternut (I didn’t use the whole can of pumpkin).


I made up a hybrid recipe from Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook, Baking Illustrated, and the Dessert Bible. Evaporated milk; brandy; hot custard into hot graham cracker crust. It tasted pretty good at dinner, but pumpkin pie needs to mature for several hours, so I won’t know if it’s really good until I try the leftovers. For breakfast, I’m thinkin’.

While the pies were in the oven, I also drew the remaining eggs:


Not enough of a range of shadows. I could probably have fixed this, if I’d been concentrating, but I kept being interrupted by the kitchen timer (the deeper pie was taking its sweet time about setting).


Meet a Drawmonaut/First Drawings November 5, 2006

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I’m making a belated and incomplete effort to get on the DrawMo! train with this post. In common with other Drawmonauts, I drew a lot when I was younger (much younger: like junior high), but stopped for some reason long ago. Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to meet the cartoonist Lynda Barry when she came to talk at the college where I work. Among other things, she talked about how shameful it is that adults often stop drawing or doing other fun, creative things simply because they feel like it’s not what they “should” do, and said, in short, that we should all make sure to try to draw something every day. I started doing that last spring, and DrawMo! seems like a good way to keep going. I’ve been inspired by the drawings everyone else has posted, so here (over on Flickr) are my drawings so far.

DrawMo! Day 1

A crow I veered to miss while biking to work one day. (It was busy taking care of some roadkill, but I can’t or won’t draw that.)

DrawMo! Day 2

A gourd in our produce basket.

DrawMo! Day 3

A telephone pole on my way to work.

As these prosaic sketches suggest, my biggest barriers to DrawMo’ing mo are time (job, a toddler and a newborn at home, etc.) and simply thinking of things to draw. I’m happy to see that lots of others are struggling with the latter problem, but here it is only nine p.m., so I’d better get cracking on Days 4 and 5.


Day 3: Livingroom, post-Halloween November 3, 2006

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I didn’t put up Halloween decorations until 10/31, so I feel like I should leave them around a little longer. Otherwise I’m cheating them of their time in public.

Livingroom, post-Halloween

I cleverly used the space in the lower left of the page for the title — in real life there’s a big leafy plant there. After the shadows on the curtains and the circles on the pillows I didn’t feel up to attempting leaves.

And now I’m caught up! Only in DrawMo though — in the rest of my life I’m miles behind.


Day 1: Looking through a red onion

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I’ll skip the disclaimers and quality comments. Just happy to be here!

Red onion, 1 Nov 06

I found it hard to get the thing to look round — the onion itself was delightfully round, but it ended up squished by the time it arrived on the page.