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When you don’t know what to draw … November 13, 2006

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… you can always draw your own hands.


10 Responses to “When you don’t know what to draw …”

  1. Ankur Says:

    this is a beautiful drawing

  2. emzi Says:

    wow that is soo cool! i love drawing and people always say im really good at it but i never know what to draw

  3. PRis Says:

    awesome drawing!!!
    ….i’m not very good at drawing hands…

  4. redskittlez Says:

    My best drawings are pictures of hands. =D I like this. ^_^

  5. lolliieee Says:

    truly amazing,
    i wish i could draw like this;)

  6. leala Says:

    cool drawing

  7. Amanda Says:

    Think i might steal that idea. hehe :) yours looks great!

  8. maggie Says:

    omg this is beutiful! i love art!! my art teacher refuses to let me into art club though! not to be braggy but i am a good artist! i help the other people with their projects rawrrr!!!!!

  9. Eleen Says:

    Haha I drew exactly this.

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