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Weekend art: more shoes and objects December 9, 2007

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I’ve been playing around with these images from my objects of desire drawing and here’s a new illo from that. I have been doing some new drawings too but I have to play with them a little so maybe wed. I’ll post something totally new.


One Response to “Weekend art: more shoes and objects”

  1. shelley Says:

    My name is Shelley Minney and currently I am undertaking Year 12 Design at St Peters Girls School in Australia. For my Visual Study assignment I have decided to study Rendering and have decided to use perfume bottles as my subject. I came across your work on the internet and was inspired. I am really fascinated with this piece of the three perfume bottles. For a part of my assignment I have chosen to critically analyse this piece and was wondering if you could give me an insight of the title and date of the piece, the process you went through, the mediums used, the meaning of the piece and the purpose of the rendering.
    Also, I would like to know how rendering relates to your career……….
    Yours sincerely
    Shelley Minney

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