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Yesterday November 26, 2008

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I sat outside my bank and started drawing the scaffolding in front of me, and then the stuff behind that.


Jacqui 11/7 – Incomplete dashboard November 8, 2007

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Started while waiting for a friend in a car. My friend came before I finished it.

incomplete dashboard


first snow November 27, 2006

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Cooper S

I’ve been complaining about the rain – no more! We got our first snowfall this morning. My husband’s red Mini dusted with snow made for a nice morning sketch.


Key; North Park Theatre November 18, 2006

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11/16/06: This would get you in my front door, if it were made of metal and not pixels.

North Park Theatre; click for larger version

11/17/06: North Park Theatre, as seen from the Claire de Lune coffee shop in San Diego. This is unlikely to win any prizes, but a month ago, I’d never even have attempted something this complicated.