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tifinagh November 22, 2009

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Playing around with the Tifinagh script this evening (similar to the ancient Berber script) used primary in decorations or in love letters. Thought it would be interesting to turn a word or phrase in a quilt block.


Favorites from Sketchcrawl

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Featuring Allan in critique mode, Suma sketching, a violinist, a really awesome gentleman reading Infinite Jest (!), and a tree.


Day 22. Samantha Hahn. Nautical girl. December 25, 2007

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nautical girl
I was out of town till now. Here are my missing days.


catchup November 24, 2007

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today’s last-minute effort is celebratory:


been playing with Scribbler the last couple of days – it’s hell fun, and some of the results are terrific. Original drawings are on flickr too, but they’re just frameworks to go nuts on with scribbler.


top of the coat/hatrack in my room that holds all the scarves, hats & shawls etc that I never wear. Texta on cartridge.


quick pencil sketch of my daughter’s hands. 2B on cartridge.



Jacqui 11/22 – Liberty November 23, 2007

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I think she had too much turkey…


Day 22 November 22, 2007

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Every Thanksgiving for the last I don’t know how long, my family—or part of it, at least—has celebrated Thanksgiving with our friends Carol and Jon, who live in Brooklyn, right in the shadow of the Manhattan Bridge. When we first knew them, they had a mellow rust-red pit bull named Ratchethead. After Ratchet moved on to the great dog bed in the sky, they adopted Ladybone, a pretty white pit with pale gray flecks on her sides and the approximate density of a neutron star.

Lady is well behaved, as dogs go—doesn’t bark, sits when you say "sit," never tries to grab food off the table—but she will also lean on you very hard if you sit on the couch—her couch, apparently—and she does drool, as shown here.


nude from my class

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My Wednesday night class brought a new male model. He had lots of muscles. His wife came to draw. She’s a nude model too. I guess its the new fun thing for a couple to do. Get drawn nude.



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Multimedia message

My daughter showed up at the hotel room to watch the Macy’s Thankgiving Day Parade at 9:30 am. While we watched I drew her handbag – a lacy little thing – just big enough to hold her wallet and cellphone (which she kept on her lap since text messages were flooding in from all over the country… she’s a busy social creature.) As the parade neared the end, she commented that she feels so old. She did recognize Picachoo (sp?) and since I’m ancient, nearly dead and almost buried – all I could think of… where’s Bullwinkle!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Nov. 22

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I have a 16-lb. turkey and all the trimmings to do so I got my granddaughter Emma and my grandson Mason to collaborate for today’s drawing. Emma says the turkey didn’t have enough detail so she added “rainbow slippers” for its feet and a Pilgrim hat. Mason has just started studying Chinese at his public (!) middle school so I asked him to add a few characters to give the whole thing a classy touch. It says “Hello China”—something he knows how to write. I added the sun, hills and trees. Happy Thanksgiving!