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day 33. Samantha Hahn. Beauty marked. January 2, 2008

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beauty marked

Ok, I feel like I’m getting piggish. I’ve taken up enough space on Drawmo so this is my last post. I’ve completed the challenge, now it’s someone else’s turn! I’ll be trying to continue the challenge though on my blog and flickr accounts. I am super busy now trying to figure out the market and also writing report cards etc. I’m headed back to work soon. Hopefully that won’t hinder the drawing a day thing. Well I’d be happy with 4 a week and that’s more reasonable perhaps (when work resumes). So if you want to see more drawings, tune in to Maquette or check my flickr. Thanks for all the support. It’s been a blast!


day 32. samantha hahn. If Jem were around… January 1, 2008

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If Jem were around now


day 31. Samantha Hahn. Doll. December 31, 2007

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Doll drawing

FYI my new illustration website is up. samanthahahn.com sans bio. That should be up tomorrow or shortly thereafter. My husband built it for me!! He’s the best in every way including technologically.


Day 30. Samantha Hahn. Bird’s nest hair and dress fabric. December 30, 2007

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bird's nest girl

well that completes the 30 day challenge. I might keep going for a while. I should. I’ll see if I can.


Day 29. Samantha Hahn. Girl with face fabric bikini. December 29, 2007

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bathing suit girl with face fabric bikini


Day 29. Samantha Hahn. Chanel Chance perfume illustration.

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Chanel Chance Illustration

one more day to go. I’m sad. I might try to continue the challenge for another month…


Day 29. Samantha Hahn. Chance Chanel drawings.

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Chanel Chance

I’m going to make a border of dice and cards etc. to go around one of these. What do you think of the drawings? I’m not sure about them. They were fun though.


Day 28. Samantha Hahn. Brunette makeup woman. December 27, 2007

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makeup girl plain


day 28. samantha hahn. Orange haired variation.

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orange haired make-up girl


another drawing for day 27. Samantha Hahn. Make-up woman.

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make-up-girl illo

I have all the motivation in the world to draw and none to market my work. I need help! I plan to do a little mailing before the vacation is over. I hate the business part of art. I wish I could make someone else do that part for me so I could just do the art part. Only 4 more days till my drawmo challenge is over. It’s been a blast.