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ge’ez chicken November 24, 2009

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ge'ez chicken

This is the rut I’m in at the moment… working with some Ge’ez script. Disappointed that I wasn’t “drawing” anything, so I tossed a chicken (ዶሮ ) into the mix. Cluck.


Yesterday November 26, 2008

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I sat outside my bank and started drawing the scaffolding in front of me, and then the stuff behind that.


Day 24. Samantha Hahn. Yellow flower dress. December 25, 2007

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Orange girl


Jacqui 11/24 – Leaf 2 November 25, 2007

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Part of a collection of leaves picked up in Central Park. The only criteria was that it couldn’t be bigger than my tiny moleskine book.



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Somebody dropped his or her orange onto the subway tracks. Bummer.


Day 24 November 24, 2007

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Drawing two dozen.



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This drawing started as a sketch of my daughter. We were out walking along the shore of Shilshole Bay. It was cold and we were all doing our best to stay warm. I finished the sketch later – my daughter has a nicer smile, prettier eyes and a cuter nose – she was wearing a hooded vest!


Nov. 24

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We took the grandkids to the science museum in town. While they ran around I sketched some of the stuffed animals. This drawing is of a thrush on its nest.




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The winter PJs to go along with the summer PJs:


And my version of the swimsuit issue:




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today’s last-minute effort is celebratory:


been playing with Scribbler the last couple of days – it’s hell fun, and some of the results are terrific. Original drawings are on flickr too, but they’re just frameworks to go nuts on with scribbler.


top of the coat/hatrack in my room that holds all the scarves, hats & shawls etc that I never wear. Texta on cartridge.


quick pencil sketch of my daughter’s hands. 2B on cartridge.