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27th November 27, 2007

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bleargh. Unflattering self portrait in which I resemble a surly middle-aged man (next time I’ll leave my glasses on and deal with the difficulties instead of being lazy heh). White chalk pencil in black sketchbook.



# 26 – Drinking glass & sugar bag November 26, 2007

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I found a black sketchbook today, and since I bought a “charcoal white” pencil the other day it all seemed destined for me to bring home & play with. I really need to stop drawing with the sketchbook flat on the table; the distortion in perspective really shits me lol


25th November 25, 2007

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remote control heartbreak


catchup November 24, 2007

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today’s last-minute effort is celebratory:


been playing with Scribbler the last couple of days – it’s hell fun, and some of the results are terrific. Original drawings are on flickr too, but they’re just frameworks to go nuts on with scribbler.


top of the coat/hatrack in my room that holds all the scarves, hats & shawls etc that I never wear. Texta on cartridge.


quick pencil sketch of my daughter’s hands. 2B on cartridge.



catching up November 19, 2007

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been busy as trying to set up an ebay shop, so while I’ve done my drawings I haven’t made time to post them (tsk tsk). They’re all on flickr, but I’ll just post a couple that I don’t hate here.





Cinders November 11, 2007

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sketch for cinderella piece, rough colour scheme added in PP


#10 November 10, 2007

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2007-11-10 I’m working on corset/3D quilt design ideas based on folk tales.


#9 November 9, 2007

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big fat Staedtler Lumocolor marker in sketchbook. I wasn’t happy with how the drawing (of the seedpod again) was going, so I extemporised w seeds and a leaf then decided to play with backgrounds. Not a patch on Mandy’s great patterns; I’m just not naturally inclined to those neat straight lines, so I said buggerit & went off on random wobbly-patterned tangents. Looks rather a lot like the sort of doodles I used to do before I filled in spare moments with blogsurfing.

my 4.5 yo daughter’s decided to join the fun, btw. Cracks me up how serious she is about it, I should set up the video to capture the narration of every stroke. Here’s yesterday’s:



seedpod November 8, 2007

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some kind of seed pod. Watercolour pencils (the sketch before adding water is also on Flickr group)


preteens November 7, 2007

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couple of preteens in the Centrelink waiting room this morning. Pencil.