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Top of Dresser February 26, 2010

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I just started back to art school at age 51. This is some of my homework.

Top of Dresser


eric the model November 13, 2009

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I sat in a different place than usual in my figure drawing class Wed. night. The model’s head was just peaking up over a rolled up futon. He had his arm cupping his head, but I just couldn’t quite “get” that down on paper. I was just recovering from a session of cancer radiation and was tired. So oh well.


Nude #1 November 8, 2009

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Alan poses for us



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Qway December 19, 2008

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My art class had our holiday party last night and my favorite model posed. She had brought a Santa hat, but people objected because they like her tiny little dreadlocks.


circus people December 3, 2008

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circus people

I saw a black and white photo of some circus people on Flickr and decided to convert it to a sort of overly bright, bold disjointed acrylic painting. The proportions are a little screwy but they’re supposed to be. Its reminded me a little of Paris in the 20’s.


love bites April 22, 2008

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love bites

This was just a cartoon I draw at an all day drawing conference at the local university. They had a 15 foot long piece of construction paper up on the wall that you could draw anything on, and I decided to draw this cartoon on. I like the bright colors.