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Nov. 30!! November 30, 2007

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This month has flown.   I’ve enjoyed the daily drawing and learned much from other participants –such interesting work.  I’ll miss DrawMo! and will try to maintain the practice. Without the daily deadline however there will probably be much backsliding. Today there are two drawings, neither of which I’m particularly happy with–but so it goes.


These are some shells I found–maybe oyster? The one in front looks like some kind of creature.


Here’s a little figure I’ve had around for a long time and always meant to draw.

And here’s an interesting quote from Cocteau:

“What the public criticizes you for, cultivate: It is you.”


Nov. 29 November 29, 2007

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I found some huge pine cones in Calif. last summer and thought they’d made a good subject.  But last night I was tired, didn’t have the  patience to follow every little segment accurately so what’s here is mostly an impression of a pine cone.



Nov. 28 November 28, 2007

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Two cows in charcoal–one a cream pitcher and the other a plastic one from my collection.  ( I live in Vermont so a Holstein at some point was obligatory.)  Since cows are basically a box with legs you’d think they’d be easier to draw!



Nov. 27 November 27, 2007

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I find ellipses really difficult so thought I’d give myself a workout with these cups.   Even with drawing little perspective boxes for the circles I still  didn’t get it quite right.  It was such a mess  by the time I finished I transferred it to watercolor paper so I could try an ink wash; I liked that.  I admire spontaneity and know that I could use more of it.   But if I can’t make something fairly accurate it bothers me.



Nov. 26 November 26, 2007

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This is an old piece of wood with a rock stuck in it.  I should have planned better; it got too low on the page.



Nov. 25 November 25, 2007

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A friend just gave me a lot of pieces of corrugated cardboard, thinking I might use them in an art project.  I’m not sure about that but thought I would try a pastel on one–pencils and hard pastels.  I didn’t have a lot of colors to work with kind of liked the unifying vertical pattern through it all.



Nov. 24 November 24, 2007

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We took the grandkids to the science museum in town. While they ran around I sketched some of the stuffed animals. This drawing is of a thrush on its nest.