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To the tune of “Journey to the Heavyside Layer” November 9, 2009

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I never saw the musical Cats, and I don’t think my ex-boyfriend A. did, either, but whenever he wished to evoke the show (which—I can’t explain why one might do this, but, trust me, it came up more than once), he would sing, to the tune of what I have subsequently determined is the song “Journey to the Heavyside Layer” from the show, the following lyrics:

Cats, cats, cats, ca-a-ats,
Cats, cats, cats, ca-a-ats,
Ca-ats, cats cats,
Cats cats cats cats!

So, if you know the tune, you should sing it along while reviewing these sketches.


Hunchfront November 8, 2009

“Hunchfront” is one of the more hilarious possible side effects from Prescott Pharmaceuticals (written by Peter Gwinn). My other two favorites are “Spontaneous Gypsy Scarf” and “Involuntary Narnia Adventures.”

After seeing the Colbert Report writers at the Paley Center (and getting autographs from two very gracious and funny writers) I killed some time at the Rockefeller Center Skating rink sketching Prometheus before heading over to the Town Hall Theater to see Patton Oswalt’s show with mom. As I was leaving Rockefeller Center, I realized the sketch might’ve been more interesting from a different angle rather than dead on, so another potential do-over (at least before it gets too cold and tourist-y out there).

(My apologies for the crazy lighting in the photos. The scanner should be set up by tomorrow!)


A little cartoon November 6, 2009

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“I’ll have the Rubens; 86 the kraut”


color less

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color less

Ugh, blank page. Still doodling. Coloring less.


Catching up November 7, 2008

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Phew! Tried very hard to find something other to draw than people at coffeehouses, but after ending up with my own left hand on wednesdays sketch I was back drinking coffee yesterday. I must take a look around the house and see if I can’t find some objects worth spending time on. Some kitchen utensils perhaps. And next week I’m considering throwing in some colors too. Not making any promises but I will try …


Samantha Hahn, day 6 December 6, 2007

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drawing a day, day 6: men's autumn shoe

This is a line drawing with pen that I colored digitally. I also scanned a ginkgo leaf and repeated it as a ground. Have a great weekend. I’ll post day 7-9 on Monday.


oh man November 13, 2007

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i’ve been reaaally bad about updating my drawmos! i’ve been not quite as bad at actually drawing them, but i am a few days behind.. my weekends are always so busy. i might not get to do one every day of the month, but i’m going to make sure i do one for every day of the month!
so here are three more for now, days 5, 6 and 7.
day 5, tree on hill. i was bored with my normal scribbly way of drawing in paint, so i decided to do a drawing using mostly left right strokes. out of bordumb more than anything else.

day 6, pink dino died. not ultra realistic, but hey, it’s a paintbrush drawing.

day 7, bread in space. i did another version where there were stars and things in the back, but i didn’t like it as much.

as always, click on the picture for the larger version.
i could say that i’m going to be better at updating on time, but knowing me, saying something like that is a sure fire way to make sure i don’t do that.. so i’m going to just say this; by the end of all this, there will be 30 drawings on here from me. probably all in paint.


Days 6-10 November 12, 2007

Still behind, but less so. Lessons of the weekend’s drawing: curves are hard to draw well, and objects with both curves and straight lines are really hard to draw well.

Day 6
Generic Battery

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10
Kitchen Sink


Drawing 6: Junipero on the rocks November 9, 2007

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Junipero on the rocks

Originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.

You know what’s nice? Gin. I like a Martini if it’s made well, I adore a Negroni, and I’d probably like just about any well-made cocktail based on the stuff. But I’m more than OK with a nice glass of good gin, on the rocks. Hendrick’s is my favorite to have this way, but because it’s my favorite I’ve consumed all of it. What I do have is some Junipero, which — as the name suggests — pretty much screams “juniper” at the top of it’s icy lungs. Still, it’s nicely made and tasty to boot.

It’s hard to draw though. I’ve written a bit about the problem on my blog. I will try again to tackle this problem a few more times this month, I suspect.


Eric: Day 6 & 7: Hands November 7, 2007

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I didn’t get to a drawing yesterday, so here’s a twofer to make up for it. A classic I recall from the distant past when I last took an art class: my left hand, as drawn by my right hand:


…and my right hand, as drawn by my left: