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Goldilocks and the 23rd District November 13, 2009

So the weird 2009 election in Upstate New York’s 23rd District gets weirder. Meanwhile, I’m playing catch-up for three negligent days. So, here’s sketches for Days 9, 10 & 11. Pretty obvious I drew them in one sitting and got more involved/attentive as I drew from right to left. Hoffman, in the middle, was the most fun to draw and is the most Tea Party-tastic of the bunch. Here’s a link to the AP photo from the Washington Post I used as a reference.

OMG pick a winner already!

Owens, Hoffman and Scozzafava

I also jammed out to this song on repeat while sketching tonight:


Fort Hood November 10, 2009

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Fort Hood

Messed up the date, clearly my auto-pilot is not working. ‘nuf said.


I can’t believe I’m still drawing the cats

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In my defense, they do keep sitting in my line of sight.




Benjamin (a new addition to the Maltese lycanthropy cycle)

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Catching up … once again November 14, 2008

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I’m not even going to prendend I did these sketches one day at a time. Hehe. Went to a really inspiring lecture yesterday about Magazine Design, and listen to Art Directors from Real Simple, GQ, Esquire, Wired and W talk, and while they talked I drew them.


This is Niels Bøje Ziegler from Denmark who put together the program of the day, and Eva Spring from Real Simple. 



And this is Anton Loukhnovets from Gentlemen’s Quarterly, who drank an enourmous amount of water (from a Vodka bottle) during his speach. I don’t know how he managed to get it all down. Must have been close to a liter in less than one hour. Impressive. (And so was his work.)



Here we have Scott Dadich from Wired. His speach was one of the best of the day I think. Made me want to go out and buy Wired. 


This is David Cucurito from Esquire. I admit I probably added a few pounds to his actual weight.

He was the most energetic speaker yesterday, and moved around a lot. 



And this is Nathalie Kirsheh from W. She was not moving at all.


Video camera November 11, 2008

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video camera

Yesterday in class we were shown what I believe was a Panasonic DVX 100B. The teacher started moving it around a lot, of course, as soon as I started drawing.


Sour apple pattern. Samantha Hahn. Day 10. December 10, 2007

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sour apple


Drawing #10: Cup of Tea November 16, 2007

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Cup of Tea

Originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.

Frustrating. I couldn’t get my hands to make this at all what I wanted. Part way through, when it was turning out just a brown blob, I started adding cartoonish bold outlines, which salvaged it a little.


Days 6-10 November 12, 2007

Still behind, but less so. Lessons of the weekend’s drawing: curves are hard to draw well, and objects with both curves and straight lines are really hard to draw well.

Day 6
Generic Battery

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10
Kitchen Sink


Day 11 (and 8 thru 10)- Architheque November 11, 2007

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Time to play catchup.


Trying to make use of everything in my drawing box at least once. Unfortunately, there’s a carton of 4 cheap crayons in my kit (the result of my inability to throw things away). Red, yellow, blue, and green. What to do with them? Well…draw like a child, I guess.

Previous days’ sketches behind the cut, so as not to be a visual hog.  When seen altogether, it’s clear I’m a mixed bag when it comes to style.