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Drawing 6: Junipero on the rocks November 9, 2007

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Junipero on the rocks

Originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.

You know what’s nice? Gin. I like a Martini if it’s made well, I adore a Negroni, and I’d probably like just about any well-made cocktail based on the stuff. But I’m more than OK with a nice glass of good gin, on the rocks. Hendrick’s is my favorite to have this way, but because it’s my favorite I’ve consumed all of it. What I do have is some Junipero, which — as the name suggests — pretty much screams “juniper” at the top of it’s icy lungs. Still, it’s nicely made and tasty to boot.

It’s hard to draw though. I’ve written a bit about the problem on my blog. I will try again to tackle this problem a few more times this month, I suspect.


3 Responses to “Drawing 6: Junipero on the rocks”

  1. I’m also a big fan of Gin. I’ve been experimenting with some classic cocktails. Here’s one I think you would like:


  2. cynthiacloskey Says:

    It sounds quite tasty! No easier to draw though. :)

  3. kim Says:

    Good subject – works for me!

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