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Eric: Day 6 & 7: Hands November 7, 2007

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I didn’t get to a drawing yesterday, so here’s a twofer to make up for it. A classic I recall from the distant past when I last took an art class: my left hand, as drawn by my right hand:


…and my right hand, as drawn by my left:



Eric: Day 5: Travel Connect Four November 6, 2007

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A quickie…



Eric: Day 4: Potholder November 4, 2007

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Eric: Day 3: Cranberry Cocoa

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Even being generous and starting daylight savings early, I still missed the Saturday deadline! But Mariel insists that as long as I post before I go to bed tonight it still counts, so I’m going with that. We are currently enjoying hot cocoa, but not this cranberry cocoa, as we didn’t have any milk in the house and we didn’t want to waste the (presumably) good stuff on hot water.


Eric: Day 2: Hypothetical Jack O’ Lantern November 2, 2007

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Eric: Day 1: Accordion

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Hello, DrawMonauts!

So this year, I’m taking the DrawMo! plunge. To introduce myself: my name is Eric Skillman, and I’m a graphic designer—I do DVD and book cover design primarily, but I’ve also been trying to branch out a bit lately. I blog about my design process at a blog I’ve called “Cozy Lummox.”

Anyway, here’s my Day 1 drawing. (Which I really did do yesterday, I promise!) It’s been so long since I’ve drawn regularly that either (a) my drawing skills have entirely atrophied, or (b) enough time has passed that the haze of memory has allowed me to convince myself that I used to be able to draw better than this… posterity will be the judge, I suppose…