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Samantha Hahn, day 6 December 6, 2007

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drawing a day, day 6: men's autumn shoe

This is a line drawing with pen that I colored digitally. I also scanned a ginkgo leaf and repeated it as a ground. Have a great weekend. I’ll post day 7-9 on Monday.


4 Responses to “Samantha Hahn, day 6”

  1. shannonRENO Says:

    Did you take any sort of formal drawing classes or is this just raw talent?

  2. Thanks for the comment and compliment. I did go to art school and my mom was an artist so I grew up with a pencil in my hand but for the last 6-7 years I’ve been doing mostly painting. It feels really good to go back to my drawing roots. I’m rusty and need to get my hand back into it. So Drawmo! will give me the impetus to draw draw draw and just get totally comfortable with observation again.

  3. India Amos Says:

    That’s a great idea with the ginkgo leaves. And the color contrast makes the shoes glow.

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