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turkey November 28, 2009

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The day after the turkey day. Face and cityscape.


another drawing for day 27. Samantha Hahn. Make-up woman. December 27, 2007

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make-up-girl illo

I have all the motivation in the world to draw and none to market my work. I need help! I plan to do a little mailing before the vacation is over. I hate the business part of art. I wish I could make someone else do that part for me so I could just do the art part. Only 4 more days till my drawmo challenge is over. It’s been a blast.


another drawing for day 27. Samantha Hahn. t.v dinner plate

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tv dinner plate

marker drawing for melamine plate.


Day 27. Samantha Hahn. Tossing a cupcake. December 26, 2007

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cupcake tosser


Jacqui 11/27 – Swan Card November 28, 2007

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Traveled all day, unpacked some stuff, then sat down to do a drawing.  I decided to give Photoshop drawing a go, inspired by others in Drawmo! 



Day 27 November 27, 2007

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What can I say? Straight lines are rather difficult.