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girl November 29, 2009

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Not a bird, just a girl. One day left.


Day 29. Samantha Hahn. Girl with face fabric bikini. December 29, 2007

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bathing suit girl with face fabric bikini


Day 29. Samantha Hahn. Chanel Chance perfume illustration.

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Chanel Chance Illustration

one more day to go. I’m sad. I might try to continue the challenge for another month…


Day 29. Samantha Hahn. Chance Chanel drawings.

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Chanel Chance

I’m going to make a border of dice and cards etc. to go around one of these. What do you think of the drawings? I’m not sure about them. They were fun though.


Day 27 November 29, 2007

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Penultimate hand.


Door Knob

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door knob

Another ink drawing. I thought for sure the pen would have run out of ink by now, maybe I’ll enough for the final day!


She wants to be an artist

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Another attempt at drawing Rosa while she was drawing her mom. “Please, please, pleeeeease can we draw with your markers?” Rosa asked today. She only loves me for my Stabilo mini-pens.